Monday, November 30, 2009

Piano Pants Project: Round 3

Guess what. It's time for another piano pants participate.
It's amazing how many people can fit in these pants. I'm not even close to being mad at that fact. Whoever made these pants were amazing.

Person 3 is Katelyn. She is amazing: so full of life and joy. She is my personal bucket of sunshine. Just look at her hair. That blonde bombshell reminds me of all things happy and joyous. Speaking of hair, she is now officially a brunette. In fact she inspired me and 4 others to dye their hair today. Don't ya just love college?
Anyways, back to Katelyn. She is so sweet and always thinks of others. She is smart, considerate, and my gansta buddy and dancing partner.... but of course we don't dance at Asbury where there is no dancing allowed.....haha... I love you Katelyn and am so glad that we are friends.

look at that roomie love :)

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Anonymous said...

bahahahaha! my bum looks huuuuge in those pantalones. it's funny. and they are super short on my legs. ha. But you made it through NaBloPoMo!!! i'm so proud!!!! 30/30!! 100%!! A+!!! alright that's enough of that. i'm glad we had a hair dying party tonight. i'd type more's sleepy time. i love you and thank you for those sweet words. :)