Thursday, December 31, 2009

H-town knows where it's at

During the Blizzard of '09, some people got creative and graffitied the snow ;)

Also here are some promised pictures from the lights down in City Park.

Oh and my lovely roommate made it on to our family tree :) (this ornament was from freshman year. Marie was going to throw it away but I said I would take it).

Happy New Year! I hope you guys had a wonderful year and are looking forward to the new one.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

So this is Christmas....and the days that follow

So for reals, I would like to say I really like Christmas time. It's been fun with all the parties, decorations, food, family, friends, and lights. But in all seriousness, it's definitely a good reminder to know that God sent his only son as a baby who grew up and died for our sins so we could be reconciled to God. These are a couple pictures to recap all the events. More to come next time (who knows when that will be)

They just look so Christmasy in their PJ's

Our hall made a ton of snowflakes. So fun. There was this one girl who made some incredible ones but for some reason I didn't get any photos of them.

She went out to Encounter (the worship service) like this. I thought it was great.

We got 15-18 inches of snow and had to shovel the entire driveway so my brother could go to work. My mom helped. They are calling this the Blizzard of 09 since we haven't had this much snow since '95. Yes, I know the year because we had to go to Saturday school because we missed so much school.Before.... poor little car....

has it really been that long?

Dear Katie (and any other faithful blog checker that is often disappointed),
I am sorry that checking my blog is now part of your daily routine even though I haven't updated this thing in over a week. If you could ever forgive me for that, you would be the best person ever.
Until I come up with something else.
sincerely yours,

Saturday, December 19, 2009

7 quick takes

1. This has been the week of spontaneity. Fake tattoos, dance parties, snl clips, and singing parties. To complete this week of impulsiveness, 6 of us went to Hamburg on Thursday when we were all done with everything. It was awesome. We even stopped at Steak n Shake on a whim because it was "Happy Hour" so shakes were half off. So we all got huge shakes even though we didn't need it just because it was half off. We then drove over to all the shops and stayed in the car to belt out Mariah Carey's "Always be my baby" because it came on my ipod. Then we went shopping and all bought "Happy Halloween 2009" shirts from Old Navy for 47 cents. I mean who doesn't want a matching Happy Halloween shirt at Christmas time?

2. Our last night at Asbury was filled with watching "Spring Break Shark Attack." A t.v. movie that Marie and Taylor had ordered online freshman year. This movie really lives up to it's tag line of " This year, spring break really bites" with fake sharks, blood, and harpoon wounds. Us girls try to watch it at the end of each semester so this year we watched it with the boys and they loved it. Haha it was so funny. I don't think there was hardly a time when we were actually watching the movie and not adding our two cents.

3. Past midnight runs to Mcdonalds simply because we're thirsty and can are the best.

4. I might have drank too much of my soda on the way home and not had anywhere to stop for an uncomfortably long time. Then I might have gotten confused and took the wrong interstate 70 exit and ended up in PA. But hey I went through 4 states (not 3) yesterday, how many did you go through?

5. I was hungry last night so my mom and I ordered pizza. On the way to go get it we went by City Park and it was awesome. I've never noticed that they put up lighted objects like skating bears, firetrucks, and Christmas trees right on the pond. It looks so cool especially with the reflection off the water. I'll take pictures when the the foot of snow we're getting right now melts.

6. Last night, a certain sister of mine was borrowing my dress for a wedding and needed a sweater to go with it. So we went to a friend's house, who lives in a nearby neighborhood. We were quietly catching up on life on the front porch for a while texting the girl inside because her parents were already asleep. I already thought we looked ridiculous whispering in the dark while it was snowing and wondering why it was taking the girl so long. I mean we were on her porch for 15 minutes. Then a strange car pulled up and these people walked up to us and asked who we were. They didn't know us and we didn't know them (never a good sign). "Um, I think you have the wrong house," the lady tells us. (yeah well I think you have the wrong house is what I wanted to say back but am so glad I didn't). " Who are you looking for?" she asks and when we told her she points to the house next door. Wow wow wow, how embarrassing. The girl we were looking for was right there by the door waiting for us. Haha good one.

7. It's so good to be home. We were all laughing, eating pizza, and talking last night. Then my brother and I played music,sang, and then talked until 4 am. So fun. And today we have a SNOW DAY. I love it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Blurry eyes

I was reading a story and the character talked about getting 8 hours of sleep. I wanted to cry because I've gotten about that in the last two days combined.... I then looked again and saw the book didn't even say that haha the character just mentioned getting good rest. Good one tired eyes and hurting brain.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh what is it about finals week that makes people go crazy? I walk into the unit to find my hall putting fake tattoos on each other. After we did that, four of us split a load of laundry because we were out of the necessities and then played follow the leader all the way up the stairs.
I just looked up "tattoos" to find a cool picture and found a lot of gross ones. Tats can be real gross. Anyways, I'm going to continue studying EspaƱol.

this is kind of a cool tattoo...

Sunday, December 13, 2009

It might be finals week....

beautiful photo by Kate Powers- one of my new favorite photographers.

Here's to hangouts, eating out 5 times this weekend, 2 movies, sleeping in and taking naps, catching up, going to Christmas programs, painting my nails, downloading cds, tangoing, watching snl, facebook and checking my e-mail, blogging, Jordin Sparks and Kelly Clarkson sing-a-longs, dancing to free world music mixes from Itunes, and anything else to keep me from starting to study for my finals this week. Hope you had a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

7 quick take Thursday

1. My hall is blowing up balloons for each final we have and then we get to pop them when that final is over. It's really fun and just makes our hall look that much better

Apparently my suitemates have a lot of finals. Sorry that everything is backwards but you get the idea.

2. Two of my fellow workers at the Luce Center decided to give my number to the creepy pool guy as a practical joke. He runs a massage business on the side so they told him that I wanted a massage. This was all unknown to me so it was really awkward when he called me the next day.

3. When it's cold outside, Marie always compares our weather conditions to the weather conditions of Yellow Knife, Canada. Then it doesn't seem too bad. Today it was 21 degrees with a wind chill of 8. Yellow Knife was -27. I'm okay with 21 degrees.

1st pic- I don't know if You can see the temperature but it says about -37. That sucks... just sayin
2nd picture- bizarre crash that supposedly happened in Yellow knife.
3rd picture- the only reason I would want to go to Yellow Knife, ever. No, not because of the teepees but because of the Northen Lights. They look awesome.

4. Lots of freshman girls swoon over all the athletic boys. They stalk them, look good whenever they go to the Luce, check c-po multiple times a day, and eat certain foods in the caf so that they can be behind a certain guy in line. Believe me I know... I was one of those girls. Anyways the point is I have a solution for them. They should just work at the Luce where the boys come and talk to you instead of you having to come up with something retarded to say to them. Haha one of the many benefits of working at the Luce.

5. I had the potential to go to 3 Christmas parties tonight... I've already been to 2 this week and have another one on Saturday. I'm not mad. I love Christmas and all that goes along with it. Tonight we're having a formal Christmas party at Holland's apartment. Should be fun. I'm going to wear a dress that Katelyn got for me at target for $21 :)

6. The Luce has been insane this week. I've been yelled at by an angry customer, asked out, had my number given out, and found the creepy mannequin in the laundry hamper. Little boys have thrown up, toliets have overflowed, thought an old man was an old woman, and realized a lady was charged too much for a membership and had to run after her to make her aware of this.

7. Last day of classes tomorrow... but I'm skipping Chapel, my 11'clock was moved to 3 because our Spanish class is meeting at a Spanish restaurant to practice ... you guessed it... Spanish, and I don't have to go to my 2'clock. So really tomorrow is going to be awesome because I got nothing!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Old Fashion Christmas

Wilmore Old Fashion Christmas might be my favorite event that this small little town puts on... well actually it's the only event they put on but that's another story. Every year on the first Saturday in December, Wilmore closes Main street from 5:30 ish - 8 and everyone watches the tree be lit, walks the streets, and stops in all the little shops to receive Christmas treats. I actually have never seen the tree be lit but I'm sure that it's cool. It's a really fun social event because so many different people come: people from the community, seminary, and both past and present college students and faculty. We actually went later this year so I didn't get a chance to get hot chocolate from Sims Drugs Store, which was sad but I still got to see lots of people and then sing carols in the Methodist Church. All-in-all it was pretty fun.

A lot of the girlies and my small group leader :)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday morning goodness

I'm going to delay the Piano Pants project until later this week because I didn't feel like writing about that today.

This morning I woke up to the glorious smell of cinnamon and discovered that my hall's SLA (a.k.a spiritual life assistant- each hall has a person who leads weekly Bible studies and prays for the hall- the Ra's counterpart.) had made the whole hall cinnamon rolls. She had even put our names on toothpicks to stick into each individual cinnamon roll. It was such an amazing surprise. I don't know about everyone else but having someone think of me enough to get up early and make me a cinnamon roll is enough to make my day. I am truly appreciative of Anna (our SLA). She is so kind, thoughtful, and has such a big servant's heart.