Monday, July 27, 2009

I was considering going by Dottie so the other day Adyn said to Amy:

Amy: Aunt DJ is coming home soon
Adyn: No, not Aunt DJ. Aunt Spot.... Spottie... oh Aunt Dottie.

haha he's so cute and he'll be 4 tomorrow :)


If this warning has to be on your child's clothing, you shouldn't have kids. Shouldn't you just know to keep fire away from your kids whether or not their clothes are flame resistant or not?
Oh good the clothes are flame resistant, now our kids can play with fire... Uh, NO.

Clothes flame resistant.... check
baby is still not flame resistant.
Baby can't play with matches.
Oh but the clothes are flame resistant
baby can play with matches

Haha a co-worker and I laughed about this for a while at work when I found this tag on the kids' pajamas.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I'm a Flordian

You can spot them from a mile away.
Pick them out of a crowd.
Yeah, I'm talking about Floridians.
The super-tan, beach-loving people you meet from time to time.
They get cold easily, complain about losing their ever-present bronze skin, and seem to all be in love with the Gators.
I thought they were all babies with their complaints. (Get a jacket, stop going to a tanning bed, you're gonna get skin cancer and it's winter for crying outloud, no one is tan. And who likes the Gators anyway? Not me.)
But that was before I lived here this summer. This summer has been one of my best summers.
I love the sun. I love the heat. I love the beach and the sand in between my toes. I love being tan and smelling like coppertone sunscreen. I love eating apples on the way home from the beach and listening to my nephews sing their own made up songs. I love it when they call me "Aunt DJ." I love observing my sister and brother-in-law taking care of their boys and each other. I love learning about God, family, and life from them. I love listening to Pastor Smiley's messages even if he has cheesy sayings and his name is "Smiley".
So I'm afraid that I'm going to be one of those people who complain about the cold, the loss of my tan, and the absence of the beach. But at least I haven't been converted to a Gator fan. That my friends will (or at least should) not ever happen.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You ain't got nothin' on us Winn-Dixie

I woke up at 7:05 this morning to Amy telling me she was off to Winn-Dixie and asking me if I would watch her kids. Why you may ask was she going so early to the grocery store? To celebrate their anniversary, Winn-Dixie was awarding the first 51 customers in the door with $5 gift cards. So Amy got Dean to go on the way to meet someone for breakfast, then she went while I helped the boys get breakfast, and I went when she got back. Dean was the 6th customer, Amy the 28th, and I was the 44th. And that early in the morning it didn't take long at all because none of us got caught by the many lights. So we got $15 in gift cards.

Yesterday we both had prescriptions to fill, so she called around to see if anyone had any deals going on. Winn-Dixie did. If you dropped off a new prescription they would give you a $10 gift card that could be used on your next purchase. She paid for all of her prescriptions except one that is going to cost $50. (She was debating whether or not her husband really needed it.) I decided to wait until today to get my prescription since I was getting paid today. So she got one $10 gift card that I was going to use on my prescription and then I'd give her the gift card that I was going to receive. Well a new coupon came out today for new prescriptions getting filled and it was a $25 gift card (instead of a $10 one).
My prescription came to $4.97
I used my $5 gift card received this morning

Dean's prescription will cost $50
2 $5 gift cards received this morning= -$10
1 $10 gift card received yesterday = -$10
1 $25 gift card received today = -$25
So with all the scheming we've done in the last two days, I got my prescription for free and Dean will get his for $5.
Haha take that Winn-Dixie, never knew what hit ya.

But in all seriousness, God is good and does provide in our times of need.
Matt 6:26Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

Monday, July 13, 2009

If God is for us, who cares who's against us.

(Forgive me for my run-on sentences. I'm not fixing them. I'm beyond tired.)
Today in church and Sunday School we talked about Romans 8:31-39. It was so challenging. Dean spoke in Sunday School. He is a gifted speaker. I miss hearing him every Wednesday night. Anyways, he gave a great analogy.
I've personally never seen "Cinderella Man" but Dean said that the main character is a gifted boxer but then the depression hits and he has to quit. Later his agent comes back to him and convinces him to get back into boxing. The boxer's wife is worried that her husband will get hurt and then the family will starve to death because he won't be able to work and it's still the Great Depression. So she marches on over to the agents house (which mind you is huge while the boxer family's house is a dump), bangs on his door, and yells at him.
" Open up the door, I know you're in there. Don't you dare get my husband to fight again. He'll get hurt and our family will be ruined. You don't care about us. You don't have our best interest in mind.Open up this door, I know you are in there."
She screams these type of things for a couple of minutes until the agent finally opens up the door and the wife is shocked to see that the house is completely and utterly empty and the agent's family is sitting at a card table sipping tea. She realizes that he has sold everything he owns to promote her husband's career.
Don't we do the same thing? We bang on God's door, demanding an answer for his actions.
"Open up, God, I know you're in there. You don't care about me. You aren't working things out for me. You don't love me. Open up, I demand an answer."
Then God opens up the door and we see the gaping, gnarly scar on his wrist. We look at his face for comfort only to find the nasty scars across his forehead and temple. We drop our heads in shame and look up as He turns to walk back in the house and we see his ripped up and scarred back and realize that God didn't hold anything back from us. "He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all—how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?" (Rom 8:32)
The Pastor said that God gives us a Rolls Royce and we're worried he won't give us the floormats. God takes care of the sparrows of the field, don't you think he'll take care of us?

Question: If you're playing a pick-up game of basketball and Lebron James is on your team, then do you really care who is on the other team? You're going to win.

If God is on your team then who really cares who's on the other team?