Sunday, November 15, 2009


So my roomie and I went to church at Southland today and were challenged by Jon Weece to pray, sing, and mediate for 7 days.

Pray a simple pray from his blog or your own. Go on a 15 minute prayer walk and don't ask for anything. Just simply thank God for any and everything.

Sing a joyful noise unto the Lord. And his big challenge (to me) was to listen to only Christian/worship music all week. No Taylor Swift, Ben Rector, or T-pain for me. The pastor even said he would put some songs on his blog so that we would have some new songs to listen to.

Meditate on verses every day. He is going to post verses everyday on his blog.

Marie and I were talking after the service and just saying how a lot of people give Southland crap for being a mega church and what all comes along with that but really Southland is doing a lot for people. If people actually go along with this all week, it will be about 10,000 people praying the same praying, abstaining from secular music, and mediatating on the same verses everyday. That's cool to think about. Also Southland may spend a lot of money to keep their property going but they also give a lot of money away. They just bought a single mom a car so she wouldn't have to walk to her many jobs and could get her kids to school. They also gave money to an elderly lady so she could get hearing aids and move into a better apartment. In doing that, the lady was out signing a lease when her old apartment burned down. She never would have heard the fire alarm without her hearing aids. So she was saved on both accounts. I just think it's really cool how they are trying to impact the people of Lexington and surrounding towns.

On a different note, I just learned that my mom accidentally backed over our really old cat. Although I feel bad for my mom, it's ironic how everyone has threatened to kill the cat and my mom always was on his side and then she was the one who killed him.

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Anonymous said...

that last paragraph made me laugh out loud. i love you.