Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Just one of those days

7:43- wake up to Abby telling me we have to leave. I spent the night at her house because her husband is out of town
8:07- crawl back in bed for just a little more sleep.
8:30- alarm goes off... push snooze
8:40- fine, I'll get up and run.
8:52- start running and hate every part of it. Passed a girl from my hall twice and 4 other Asbury people running the roads of Wilmore
9:15- hurry and start getting ready for work
9:53- rush out of my room and speed walk to the Luce
10:00- hear the bells and am still walking to work
10:03- take over the desk and shove a bite of pop tart in my mouth as someone asks me a question.
10:43- gladly answer the phone to end one of the many awkward conversations that happen to me at work. (People know I can't leave my post and so take the opportunity to talk my ear off with lots of pauses.)
11:57- start 2 separate gym memberships
12:02- run off to change and hurry to the library to fix my project due at 4 (really 4:15 because the professor is late every Tuesday)
1:06- run off to our College Post Office to send the sister book off to one of my lucky sisters. Ask how much it's going to be and run off to the Cashiers.
1:12- pay for the package and a stamp for a birthday card for grandma
1:18- walk by Corbitt (Media Comm building) to drop off my Olympic internship and see my adviser heading to class. (Guess I'll talk to him tomorrow.)
1:22- walk into the local print shop and wait for him to get off the phone. Have him print my movie poster and dvd cover even though he is almost out of ink.
1:26- notice my dvd cover is looking really small and I have to run back to my dorm to get a dvd case to put it in for class
1:38- see a lady almost get hit by a van and then see two of my friends across campus.
1:42- realize my dvd cover is in fact a cd cover and that I must skip photo class to fix it
3:15- done fixing it as best as i can. Grab some pretzels and run to the admin building
3:20- Run into Abby's office and between breaths and brain farts try to tell everyone why I'm in such a hurry. Rush out, yelling my apologies. (Sorry Provost who was standing right there.)
3:23- Run into some girls from my class who say that the local printing shop is having difficulties with the computer now. They're going into Nicholasville to get their project printed, would I like to come? Yep, I forget their names but I would like a ride to Nicholasville.
3:33- left campus
3:49- arrived at Office Depot. The girls I were with hadn't saved their files right so they froze the computer there and next door at the printing company. I just stood there trying to wait patiently despite my headache and growling stomach.
4:33- left Office depot without being charged because it took so long to actually open our files and print them. (mind you class started almost 20 minutes ago)
4:56- walk into class after running into the curriculum lab, cutting the white edges off my projects, buying poster board, taping down the poster and putting the dvd cover into a dvd case
5:38- finally head to dinner

I could go on and on about today but I can't.... My brain must rest now and I'm sure you don't really want to know what I did every minute of the day.


Anonymous said...

i love you deej, and i'm sorry this day was so hectic. but if it's any consolation, i really like your DVD cover. Have fun at abby's tonight!


Leighann said...

love your schedule play-by-play. sounds like a hectic day.

hamesworth said...

i love these type of blogs.