Friday, October 24, 2014

Things I'm loving

Through the last few really busy months, these things have been keeping me sane so I thought I would share.

1. She reads truth – Daily truth straight to your inbox that is spot. on. Ladies that love Jesus and are being used by the Lord to encourage other ladies on their walk . There is a follow up image if you're on Instagram, which brings me to my second like of the day

2. Instagram – If you aren't on Instagram yet, let's stop the talking and you go get on that gram. Instagram can be catered to what you want it to be. Can be used to keep up with friends, be encouraged by other Godly ladies or inspired by other people in you field. I love a good creative or funny Instagram. (Etiquette for you new users: Instagram isn't for albums it's for single photos. No one likes a double or triple post-er)

3. Skimm – this one is a new find for me but I am loving it. It's a brief Monday-Friday email that gives you a give you a rundown of the news in a funny and friendly way. They read so you can skim.

That's all I got for now but hope you guys have a good weekend!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Coming back

Can I just say that the last few months have been crazy? Between festivals and quality time with friends and family, we have been going SO. MANY. MILES. per minute. I thought the changes of season would slow our roll but we are still full-steam ahead.

If you haven't spoken to us in the last 2 weeks, I got a new job as a graphic designer at my church and we are in the process of buying a condo #chicagoforlife. (Today is my first day ;) and no, we aren't pregnant but we are digging our heels in deeper into the city and making it official that we are staying for a while.

So this is why I haven't blogged for a while. I was busy with everything and everyone and something had to give. I was hoping to be able to redesign this blog (finally!) during the break, but found I missed blogging more than my lack of redesign. So buckle in and get ready for some recaps in the next few days.