Thursday, May 28, 2009

Why I miss them....

I think I got some of the middle names wrong but middle names aren't really my thing-- I could name everyone's birthdays without a problem.

Lauren Elyse John:
I love how she sees the beauty in everything from clothes to people's noses. It really helps change my perspective and appreciate God's handiwork. I enjoy talking, laughing, and crying with her. I miss seeing her sitting on my bed and chatting with Marie and I. I love her creative and free spirit to be who she is. Me encanta hablar EspaƱol con ella o simplemente se escucho.
When I knew we would be friends: She asked what my name was again when we were in the bookstore after we had already met. I thought that was boldly awesome.

Marie-Claire DeJarnett:
One of my closest confidentes. She sees things in a different perspective and really makes me laugh. She is a good writer and listener. She makes her own path and is a leader without trying. I love our late night talks, laughs, and crazy antics. She'll go with me on any errand whether it's a haircut or a smoothie run just for some quality time. She always has the coolest music and doesn't mind playing that song just one more time. I'm inspired by her love for Jesus and learn so much from her even though she isn't trying to teach me.
When I knew we would be friends: When she asked how things were with my roommate and I told her my "sob" story that I hadn't told anyone else.

Katelyn Denise Nichols:
This girl loves life and people. She'll rub your back and ask about your day even before she says anything about hers. She isn't deterred by your bad mood but keeps on in her positivity. She is so intelligent and has the cutest giggle. I love her excitement and vibrant and caring spirit. I'm glad that we've gone deeper in our friendship this year and miss her coming into my room each day and playing banjo- tooie.
When I knew we would be friends: I can't think of a specific moment because she got under my defenses without me knowing and before I knew it I missed her if I didn't see her for a couple of hours

Anna Elizabeth Mozley:
Sweet Anna Mozley love Jesus, you, and the random person she met that day. She's always a listening ear and gives you sympathy and a shoulder to cry on. She also is a lovely person to talk to in the morning and an awesome suitmate. I always feel good after talking with her and love hearing her stories about her day or her life in Ghana. She has a cute laugh, a effective rain dance, and good outlook on life. She is very encouraging and somehow knows everytime something is bothering you even if you think you're doing a good job at hiding it.
When I knew we'd be friends: Working at the Luce Saturday mornings pretty much solidified our friendship

Kate Penn Brannen:
She always looks to make you feel better. She knows so much and doesn't mind helping you with anything even if she is in the middle of something. She'll also surprise you with a classic witty comment when you least expect it. She's beautiful even if she doesn't think so. And she'll always give you a hug when you need one. She has a very nurturing spirit and loves her friends.
When I knew we would be friends: We were the only girls on a random Applebees run and we both got milkshakes. It was the start of something great.

Taylor Renee Brantner:
It doesn't matter if you haven't seen her in a few hours or a few days, she is interested in what is going on in your life. I love her creativity and loving spirit. I love her laugh and love of movies and books. She is super witty and well-cultured. I miss her giggle and caring questions. I think this "mysterious" chica is one of the most overlooked brilliant, creative beauties of our friends and that makes me sad.
When I knew we would be friends: When she never got sick of me coming into her room every night in the second half of second semester of freshman year. And her favorite part of me was my "haha"s.

Jenelle McClean (I actually forget Jenelle's middle name....I feel like a horrible person but knowing Jenelle I don't think she would care)
She is excited about everything. It doesn't matter what it is. Her excitement is contagious and a challenge to enjoy your circumstances. She loves no matter what and is willing to help you out in any way she can. She's always looking for an adventure and is not afraid to look stupid. I'm excited to see her again in the fall.
When I knew we would be friends: She and I shared turns playing catch phrase at good ole Open Dorm.

James Bruce Torell:
No matter what he always comes back. You can be mean to him but it doesn't matter. He will still a) care about you and b) keep trying to make you laugh and get over what is making you upset. He loves having fun and making people laugh but he can still be vulnerable and have a deep conversation. I love his unashamed love for Jesus and people. It convicts me and blesses me at the same time. Good times in the stoody, fig, loft, lib, or any other place nicknamed by him.
When I knew we would be friends: When he was the first person I opened up to about my dad.

Holland Garnett Hames:
His abundance of positivity makes me laugh. It's impossible for my pessimism to leak through and ruin his cloud of joy. I like how he's willing to do anything no matter what it makes him look like. His servant-like attitude and caring spirit is really challenging and convicting to me. He makes the best of the situation and just tries to enjoy life.
When I knew we would be friends: When he unashamedly admitted he liked High School Musical.

I love my friends. Enough to stay up late despite the fact no one will read this tonight and I have to babysit all day tomorrow. I just wanted fun pictures of the year.End of story.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

kids are funny?

I think I like kids.
I mean I like them but I'm totally not ready for them.
I babysat tonight- the girl wet her pants 3 times. Am I ever going to be ready to have kids? Not that that's the worst thing in the world but seriously your life disappears when kids come and then your whole life revolves around them. It's a drastic shift. Your schedule is based on when they have to eat, sleep, or use the bathroom. You can't just pick up and move, you can't go on that spontaneous road trip, you can't go to the beach all day, or go out to a nice quiet dinner and a movie. It's crazy. I'm thankful that its not the 1800's where I'd already be married with 3 kids. 
Also Thank-you mom for doing all that crap for me and my 6 siblings... I'm realizing the older I get the more my mom has done for me and how selfless she really is. I think I will understand her a lot more when I've had kids but for now it's enough for me to know she's awesome and doesn't get enough credit.

sidenote #1:
the girl I babysat repeatedly asked where my baby was.
I was like I don't have a baby and gave various excuse like I'm not old enough or I'm not married. But those didn't seem to work because she just kept asking why. 
"Is your baby with your husband?"
no, I don't have a baby or a husband for that matter
It was like a broken record-- we each said the same things several times. haha

sidenote #2
this video is bizarre but catchy and hey it has 4,000,000 plus views haha
(blogspot didn't want to upload it for some odd reason and I don't feel like messing with it)

I've recently gotten into 3 new music groups: The Script, Carolina Liar, and The Rocket Summer. The first two I've listened to several times but the last one is a new one but pretty good.

I think I'm allergic to milk.. it could all be in my head but I don't thinks so :( I'm not ready to say bye to cereal or ice cream just yet.

okay this is what happens when I haven't blogged in a while-- I have too many little random things that I just have to get out. haha

Saturday, May 9, 2009

I met my nephew's imaginary friend today when he named off everyone present and named one extra person. "Dolby" is his name and apparently he's just a little guy. Hilarious. I love kids and how they're not afraid to do anything.

Also I had to take care of the kids while their parents were surfing. Today was a fun day for the surfers, so that means they were out there for a while. It started off with Kael throwing sand at everyone, smashing Adyn's head, and destroying the sand castle. So I was like "let's dig a hole, everyone help me." So we're digging (that's when I met Dolby) and someone asks the kids how deep our hole is going to be. 
the response: "5 miles"
yeah right, kids. lolz

I love the beach and sun. I love my family and new people. Also Nacho Libre is hilarious. But I hate finding a job and waking up early. No big deal, the good outweighs the bad and the Lord is good.

Last 48 hrs into a few short sentences

moving and packing, I think are my least favorite things to do....
I cussed more than ever and my roommate and I yelled a lot, even sometimes at each other (sorry Marie) but thank the Lord we finally got out of that joint. Kresge and I are not on speaking terms....
On the way home we shared a 5 hr energy drink and had interesting conversations.
The South is a lot different than the North... but I like it so far.
I got to my sister and brother-in-laws house and my nephew, Adyn, was so excited to see me. It was so cute.
he said several funny/cute things including:

Aunt DJ, I have a secret for you.

----What is it?

I love you....

Hey Aunt DJ, you're going to stay for a long time. All the way until my birthday, right?

-- Yep and we're going to be friends, right?

Yeah forever

Mama, I have 2 questions
1) I don't want abocato (avocado)
and 2) Can we go to the park?

Awesome kids, I'm exciting/nervous for the summer. I know I have the potential to really grow closer to God this summer and also grow more independent... I really hope I will. I'm just nervous that I've so romanticize this summer and that I'm going to have a rude awakening... but it's whatev's, right?

One last thing, I'M GOING TO THE OLYMPICS...'nuff said.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Procrasination Station

Random words I found on my desktop from a blog I was going to post... I should be studying for finals but instead I'm listening to Rookie and Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas and obviously blogging.

I'm random so here are some random thoughts from the week....

New friends are fun
I'm becoming more gansta as time goes on
Flowers are pretty and I love them
I have a fear of being a cranky,out of style old woman and I'm only 19
I wish creepy and awkward people would stop trying to interact with me
I feel older just because I have more credits then I "should" at this time in my college career
In 50 years, am I really going to remember how well I did in Spanish Class? (or Civil War for that matter)
It's sad when I go to a Christian college and my least favorite class is a Bible class
My cousin's kids from Ethiopia are absolutely beautiful (inside and out)
I keep too many things inside and then let them out in one inappropriate time...I really need a filter

Saturday, May 2, 2009

40+ things never to say no to

You should never say no to these things (well that's true 99.5% of the time but sometimes you should just say NO for various reasons...)

late night talks and laughs
the beach
spontaneous mall trips
cake balls before bed
hangouts instead of sleeping or studying
cute clothes
skipping class
free stuff
anything Rookie (shirts, cds, concerts, hangouts)
New friends
putting your number in people's phone (potential future friends)
Dr. McKinley events
Study breaks
ice cream
bizarre chapels
a chance to watch people play a game where they each get into a sleeping bag and see who can get their pants off and back on the fastest
concerts with Trout
secret roads
Chick flicks
a way to support a friend
nail polish
unit hangouts
a milkshake from Sims
runs on spring evenings
movies with Shia LaBeouf or Andy Samberg
actually any food item, really
a good conversation
God's will
road trips
smoothie Fridays
Panera with the girls
Red Robin (yes please!)
shared food for more variety (even better)
5 hr energy drinks
a way to make someone's day
3-D movies
a class with friends
a good joke