Friday, November 27, 2009

The Real Thanksgiving.

Black Friday might be my favorite day of the year. And no it's not because of the crazy people waking up early for "good" deals and ridiculously long lines. It's because ,unlike the rest of America who pigs out on ridiculously good food the day before, our family has our Thanksgiving every year the day after. As we've gotten older, this has become the only day of the year that we get together (and even that isn't always guaranteed). I wish you guys could see what it's like at a family dinner. There are at least 3 adult conversations going on and all the kids talking at the same time. It's craziness but it's worth it for all the good company and the wonderful food. I think I could blog about all the interesting conversations that went on or funny inside jokes for a month but it just wouldn't be the same. So I'll just show you some pictures from the day.

I've gotten to spend a lot of time in the last couple days with this cool kid (my only brother). We've changed so much that now we're actually friends instead of trying to kill each other. It's really fun. We jammed in his car on the way to my Grandma's yesterday and it made the trip go so fast. He even called me today to tell me to get my camera because the sky looked awesome and he was picking me up in a minute. He's so cool.

This chica is one of my many nieces. Ainsley so sweet and cute. She told me, " You very silly, Aunt DJ." She also told me that she wanted to play with "Baby Ryan" but he wasn't there (he's actually still in the hospital). So I offered to play with her. She said, "Okay but you have to play for a very long time."

The sweet potato casserole that I have been craving for days, not only met expectations but went way beyond. (And yes, I am eating out of the pan with a little kid's spoon. Don't judge the college student.)

I wish I had at least one more photo that I could show you of the whole family but for some reason we didn't take one this year :( I guess we'll have to wait until next year.


Kate said...

Yay, so fun, Deej! Sweet little kids and sweet potato casserole=my two favorite things to munch on.

Anonymous said...

Aw this is so fun!! i'm glad you had a good black friday thanksgiving. i can't wait to see you tomorrow! love you!


Sarah said...

I love that sunset picture! You're such a good photographer!!!