Thursday, November 12, 2009

7 quick take Thursday

(I couldn't find a picture to really go with this post so I just got one of how I feel.)

1. I randomly thought about how Hosea felt when God told him to marry a prostitute. Did he have another girl in mind or high hopes for his future wife? Did he fight with God over the issue or just accept it? I think I would have fought it.

2. My roommate and I are getting sick. I hope we don't have the swine. Although I kind of want to have the swine enough to be quarantined in my room and be able to take lots of naps and watch movies all day. But I don't want to feel awful for days. Is this possible?

3. Marie and I re-arranged our room so that we now have one huge bed vs. two abnormally sized twin beds. Now I want to sleep more than ever but for some reason can never fall asleep when I try.

4.The refrigerator is so high right now that my ginger ale is a little icy. I just tried to spell refrigerator with a "d" before the "g" and realized that I always thought it was spelled that way.

5. I'm eating popcorn in my room, which reminds me of all the times I ate popcorn as a kid. Basically every night, My mom would make popcorn and we would all gather around the table and talk. Now even when I go home, it's fun when everyone comes over and we eat popcorn together.

6. i miss florida warmth. I don't know how I'll survive Kentucky January-March. Those are the God-forsaken months of continuous precipitation and morning death marches to class.

7. my uncle sent me homework... i actually meant to say money but i got a little distracted. Anyways i really needed it and didn't expect it at all. So it was really nice.


hamesworth said...

I hope you all don't get sick!

Leighann said...

how my uncle doesn't send me money?! haha.

Anonymous said...

"the refrigerator is so high right now..."
that made me laugh. i just imagined your fridge on drugs. i love you and your big bed which i have taken THREE naps on!