Tuesday, November 24, 2009

G baby love

I've never been on a blind date but today sure felt like one. Two single people, who had never met, forced to be in the same place for an extended span of time. Asking the typical "getting to know you" questions and feeling carefree because the other person doesn't know anything about you. Before today I even had many people give me pointers and tips to keep it from being awkward.
"Ask him about the NBA and he'll talk forever."
" Put on rap music and he'll be chill."
"Put the divider down in the middle of the seat so that he can't sit next to you."
"I'll tell him to be nice to you."

All of these statements made me feel semi-confident about today's event. Ha The only problem is this wasn't a blind date. It was me giving a ride home to a friend of a boy who lives semi-near me. So definitely a potentially awkward situation because g-baby thought the trip was going to be 4-5 hrs when in reality it was 8-9.

All in all, he was really mellow. Kind crazy, I know because if you saw this guy at a basketball game you would call me a liar but for reals I'm telling the truth.
Hour 7 was the test of our newly found friendship when a 18 wheeler tried to come into our lane, we drove through the worst fog I've ever seen and he helped me know where to go by looking at the gps, and my ipod froze twice and we thought we would be forced to listen to country music for the remainder of the trip. Anyways, I'm not even mad I gave him a ride and would much rather give him a ride in the future then give his friend .
End of story.


Anonymous said...

hahaha. hooray!! go g-baby. did he help pay for gas too? and what happened to the other little rascal you were going to drive home?


Dot said...

the other little rascal had gone home for a funeral :(. And not yet but I'm sure I can get money on the way back. I'm not worried.

Kate said...

Haha, I'm glad it went okay, Deej!