Sunday, November 1, 2009

Blog everday for a month... maybe

Yes, the picture is from 2007 but I am fully aware that it is in fact 2009.

NaBloPoMo. National Blog Posting Month. Post every day for a month. That's all you have to do.

This weekend has been so eventful that I can't even think of where to start so I will just tell you about NaBloPoMo. It got it's start from the National Novel Writing Month, which is where people try to write a whole novel in a month. Crazy, I know which is why NaBloPoMo seems a bit more attainable. You have to blog everyday if you want to have a chance at these prizes. The NaBloPoMo people take this seriously. This is an excerpt from their website of FAQs.
My cat died/my boyfriend asked me to marry him/I just spent the night in the hospital and I missed posting for a couple of days. Can I just post a little extra this month to make up for the missing days so I can still be eligible for the prize drawing?

First of all, I'm so sorry/congratulations/I hope you get well soon. Secondly, no. If I let you skip a couple of days then I'd have to let everybody post whenever they felt like it
and that would defeat the whole purpose of NaBlo which is to get you to sit down and write something every day...

Okay so I'm taking the challege and hoping to be able to remember to do this everyday. Chrissy and Katelyn this month is dedicated to you guys as my persistent readers haha. (doesn't mean I don't appreciate everyone else)


Anonymous said...

hooray!!! i'm so happy that you're doing it!!! i'm looking forward to november just for this!!


Leighann said...

Yay! I finally will be rewarded for clicking on here almost every day.