Thursday, November 19, 2009

7 quick take Thursday

(this image doesn't really have anything to do this post but I just like it)

1. Jon Weece (from Southland Christian Church) spoke in chapel yesterday and it was so good. He didn't mess around at all, he just got up there and went straight into his message. It was such a good reminder about the crucifixion of Christ. I feel like we only have those types of messages at Easter so I'm glad that he shared that with us yesterday.

2. My friends and I are going to the midnight showing of New Moon tonight and I am so excited. Even if a lot of people are giving us a hard time about it. When do you ever get to go to a movie about vampires at midnight? ...Well, other than last year and probably the next two years.

3. When I came to work yesterday, I was told to make sure and check the big dryer because it had towels in it needed for swimming practice. I was thinking about how we don't usually use the big dryer as I walked back to the laundry room to see if they were done and needed folded. I opened the dryer door and felt the towels and found they were damp. I was pulling the towels out when I saw a human head. Yeah, you read that right. I was shocked until I realized it was just a CPR dummy that my boss had put in there to scare me. It scared me alright but not as bad as the next girl. She screamed and then went and sat down and wouldn't go close to the dryer for at least 5 minutes.

4. I was at work today and this guy was behind my desk trying to do that soccer move when you step on the ball to roll it backwards and then kick it straight up (someone just told me it's called 'a rainbow'). However he was using a dodge ball and there wasn't very much room behind by desk. Needless to say, he didn't quite execute the move but instead tripped and fell into the file cabinet and then the swinging door. It was hilarious and I couldn't stop laughing which I'm sure didn't help his self-esteem. Even now I'm trying to hold back the laughter so that Marie and Katelyn won't think I'm weird.

5. Our Volleyball team (Boom Boom Pow) had our first game and it was so fun. Although for some reason I kept rotating at the wrong time and actually tried to rotate myself out 4 times in a row. Whoops...

6. It was 2:13 and I was still in my room despite my class starting at 2:10. So I ran out into the unit and yelled bye to the freshies as I ran out. But then I realized I had forgotten something in my room so I ran back through the unit passing Lauren running to class. I got what I needed out of my room and ran back out almost running into Lauren who had also forgotten something. The freshmen just all laughed at us crazy upperclassmen.

7. For Thanksgiving break, I may be giving a ride home to two of the most obnoxious and random people at Asbury. One was the only one without a shirt on at the Homecoming game and the other one calls himself "G-baby". It's probably going to be hilarious.


hamesworth said...

If you have to give those two a ride

Anonymous said...

bahahahhaa, i loved this post. funnnnnnny! i wish i had seen the rainbow disaster.


Kate said...

Bahaha, I liked the last sentence of #2.