Thursday, October 29, 2009

I wish when it rained I could make flowers and birds come out of my hand

The other day just wasn't my day. It was one of those days that everything feels like it's going wrong when in fact nothing is really wrong. To add to my dismay, it was raining and miserable. I was venting to my wise small group leader and she said, " you know what. Today is a good day for ducks.
"Fine, I wish I was a duck."
"No, no you can't wish to be duck. You just have to know that today is a good day for ducks."

That simple statement was exactly what I needed to hear at that time. I've noticed lately that I often let events determine my mood. That statement helped me keep perspective and know that somewhere someone was enjoying the rain and I just needed to accept that and move on.

The speaker the next day in chapel said something that really helped me with this issue. He said that we need to be able to pray that whatever happens, it's okay. We always pray for safe travel but what if we prayed that even if we get into an accident, it will be okay. What if we surrendered every part of our lives. We always hear that from speakers but I just liked how that guy put it so practically.

Espero que te encanta el fin de semana. Pienso que encantará.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Can Gene Kelly and I be friends?

My friend and I watched Singing in the Rain 1.5 times in 2 days because it's that good. I watched the movie as a kid but never knew that the main star was Gene Kelly because my family had taped it off of T.V. That guy is so talented. I mean a dancer, singer, actor, and a good looking guy? He had a lot going for him.
(The movie made me both want to learn how to tap dance and have a 20's themed party)

Sorry family and other readers that I've been absent for so long, my life is planned out now. I have to schedule hang-outs with friends and times to blog. (sad day)

Here's some recaps:

1. In the process of trying to exercise, I almost got mauled by a dog. I was more scared than I've been in a while.

2. I've missed 3 chapels (almost 4) due to oversleeping. I have a totally of 6 skips and 27 chapels left to attend.

3. My roommate and I spontaneously decided to stay up all night watching movies. We lasted until 4:45 and then she fell asleep before me (which was a first).

4. My roommate and I made cinnamon rolls and woke each one of our friends up and gave them breakfast in bed. It was so fun to see everyone's confused looks and then their appreciative smiles when they learned we brought them warm cinnamon rolls. "Happy Sunday, here's a cinnamon roll baked with love."

5. I started to blog 2 weeks ago and never finished.

6. My brother is coming to visit me in a week and a half and I am sooo excited! Although I'm pretty sure he'll make friends with people I don't even know and then I'll still be known as his sister.

7. In Spanish class, someone wrote "el traje de nadar" (they were trying to say bathing suit (el traje de baño) but I thought they wrote el traje de nacer (birthday suit).

8. My small group leader and I wear the same sized shoes, which has never happens with me. It's very convenient for me since she is stylish and owns a lot of shoes.

9. Our hall is making 'Sexy Friday' a tradition. Look good, feel good every Friday. It's pretty fun. Plus we all look good while everyone else is pulling a casual Friday.

10. M/W/F, I usually work 8-10 at my dorm's front desk. I just sit there and make sure guys don't go into the dorm and that girls can get in the dorm. Last Friday, My boss came and knocked on my door at 9 and asked me if I was going to come to work. Good times.

Well, I should get ready for class. Sorry for the sub par post.