Sunday, November 21, 2010

Roller Skating

Dear Chrissy,
I attempted to skate last night. I don't even remember the last time I went rollerskating, not rollerblading, but straight up four wheels in a square pattern rollerskating. It was really hard and scary. Oh also embarrassing that these little tiny kids were so good and skating in between people. They were amazing. I tried to mimick them and fell. Then I tried to just tell Adam what I did (not show him, mind you)and fell again. I wish I was good or had some good rollerblades. Anyways, I just wanted to tell you since you check my blog all the time and continue to procrastinate writing a 2-5 page essay in EspaƱol.


Sunday, October 31, 2010


I know, I know.... I should have blogged about these pictures a very long time ago. These are from the last few days of the Alltech World Equestrian Games.

This was the president of the company's new golf cart.

Shout out to Abby who use to work at Alltech. She is my small group leader and happen to make this sign for some people at Alltech years ago. I found it still on one person's desk :)

I was sent to headquarters to get 5 boxes of U.S.A and France flags (the next World Equestrian Games will be in Normandy so there was a little celebration on the last day). This is how my car looked after man-handling them into the car.
My driving skills got a whole lot worse. I could only see out my window mirror.

I just thought this was an interesting door. It was really beautiful in person.

Q & A with little kids in the last few weeks

me: what's your favorite animal?
little boy: My favorite animal in real life is turtles but really my favorite animal is dragons.

me: What's your favorite color?
little girl: the rainbow plus turquoise. Is pink in the rainbow?
me: no.
l.g.: Oh then plus pink too.

At the local elementary school on the day we had a tornado warning
little boy: the wind is blowing so hard that so-and so just fell over haha
(me: really? I don't think that's very funny.... )

Friday, October 1, 2010

Kids do the darnest things

These are outside of the Alltech Experience.

The following conversation was overheard by my boss on the walkie talkies.

(sssskh) We've got kids climbing on the molecules (click)
(ssskh) What was that? (click)
(ssskh) Kids are climbing up the molecules (click)
(ssskh) You gotta get them off (click)
(ssskh) Yeah, we've got a molecule leaning. It wasn't leaning before but it's definitely leaning now (click)
(ssskh) Get them off! (click)
(ssskh) Can someone help him? (click)
(ssskh) Someone has got to make a sign (click)

Kids under 12 can get free general admissions with a paying adult. So our PR team has been calling schools and getting them to come by the bus full. We've probably had 15,ooo kids this week. It's crazy but now they don't climb the molecules :)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Some more of the Games

Hi all, I have some more pictures from my phone and from my regular camera.

This is the main stadium where opening and closing ceremonies, dressage, and jumping have been or will be held. This is actually the temporary seating that was added for the games that was image wrapped (it's what it sounds like, an image printed on canvas that wraps the object) It looks awesome!!
Pretty cute, huh?
This is the entrance to the Alltech Pavilion :)

The company is a animal health nutrition company so they do a lot of research hence the DNA like molecule.

A local aquarium that brings the penguin, baby alligator, and petting shark drives this sweet car.

These horses are everywhere around Lexington. They have been done before but were done this year for the Games. The next few are some that are in Alltech's area. This one is for that aquarium.

This horse is amazing. It's a "Where the Wild Things Are" horse and done so well!

This horse is equally amazing. It's entirely out of little, itty-bitty shells. Can you imagine how much time that took?

It even has a saddle.

I was pleasantly surprised to walk into our portable bathroom trailer to find this. There is music playing and pictures on the wall. It actual makes me excited to use it every time :) (weird thought, I know, but don't hate)

This is the cute little puffer fish in the tank in the aquarium section of our pavilion

Look what I found! A generator that was there for the Vancouver Olympics :)

Would I still have friends if I wore these glasses? haha

Have a wonderful Thursday!!!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

First couple days of the Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games

Okay so it's been an exciting yet exhausting past few days. I'm finally getting to see what I've been promoting for the last 5 months! I thought I would share some pictures with you guys. (they were all taken by my work phone so don't judge!)

A random fish in the Kentucky experience (a area that promotes the 9 regions of Kentucky and highlights what they're known for)

Why, yes that is Colonel Sanders (the genius behind KFC). Thanks for asking. Also thanks for not asking about the stupid expression on my face.

A local aquarium is in Alltech's area at the park. They bring a penguin and a petting shark each day for little kids (and anyone young at heart) to pet. They also have a tank full of beautiful fish including a cute, little puffer fish.

I was really excited to say I worked for the company who now has the new indoor arena and a road named after them in the Kentucky Horse Park. This is their logo right outside the indoor arena. (fun fact : the indoor arena is now going to be the location of the reining championships which have never been held outside of Texas :)

This is a bad picture but it's of the "pit stop" area of the endurance race. The endurance race lasts about 12 hours. It is an 100 mile race that they run in laps. They have to check in here and their "crew" cools down the horse, gets it water, checks it's body/horseshoes, and tries to get its heart rate down so it will pass the vet check. If the horse's heart rate is too high or the vets think that it is not doing well, they'll not allow the rider and horse to continue the race.

Land Rover has a driving range to show off their vehicles. People can sign up and drive the vehicles over the creek, rough terrain, and even over the "log see-saw" (which is just like what it sounds)

The Horse park is 1200 acres so most athletes get around by bike or golf cart.

Obviously the Qatar Show-jumping team is getting around by bike because we have their golf cart. I'm not quite sure how that happened but non the less it's right outside our work trailer.

Yes, we do have a Rolls Royce golf cart. 'Nuff said.

You looking at me? oh yes, I am caring an United States of America sign in front of all the USA athletes so that they know where to go for the opening ceremonies. No big deal.

Obviously, it's harder than it looks to take a picture of yourself and the full USA sign.

This picture is random but I found it on my phone and I'm not sure if I had shared it will you guys. My hairdresser left to answer the phone and left the brush in my hair and me holding the blow-dryer. I pay you to do what, again? is what I felt like saying but instead just took a picture.

Well, I need to finish some homework and head to bed so I can start my day off right tomorrow. Sorry I've been so busy. I hope to keep up with this after the internship ends.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Wow, I honestly can't believe I'm already 2 weeks into my senior year. This year is going to go sooo fast.

This summer I was super busy with:

Making food

Working a ton and making friends
with really cool people (and penguins). (23 days until the Alltech
Games :)

Spending time with him :)

Spending time with friends (I don't have time to edit these photos)

And getting ready for my last year before the real world.

This summer has been very stretching but I have really learned a lot.... a lot about people... a lot about myself.... a lot about what I want out of life.... a lot about God.

I'm excited for this year. I'm trying not to wish it away because I'm so stressed or busy. I'm trying to enjoy this time and learn as much as I can this last year.


Sunday, August 8, 2010

Don't give up on me yet.

Hey Blogging World,
I'm not finished with you. I know I haven't talked to you in a while but I also haven't had internet for the last month in half.... Just you wait though, I've been busy this summer and I'll be busy in the fall, so I'm sure you'll enjoy what I have to say. I move back on campus this Thursday where I'll have access to internet at home :)

I'm still here so I hope you are too.


Sunday, June 27, 2010


This is what I'm doing this summer... other than my job, of course.

1. Watching the baby horses grow.....

2. Looking at nature while waiting for a tour of Mammoth cave.

3. Watching a lot of baseball....

4. Making cinnamon rolls from scratch for our friends and
then telling them we didn't when they found a pan of them on their doorstep.

4. Jamming to tunes with Marie in our sweet shades.
5. Watching movies and lots of TV ( I don't have any pictures of this of course....)
6. Wishing I was at the beach instead of the middle of Kentucky when it's this stinkin hot.
7. Cooking or trying to learn :)
8. Trying to find God in the everyday life.
9. Meeting people from the community and trying to learn from them.
10. Going to friends' concerts.
11. Getting excited for the last year of college.