Sunday, November 8, 2009

Who to blame?

There is this specific chocolate cake that Marie and I get from Wal-mart. It's a triple chocolate creme cake that we get when we're sad, or angry, or really happy, or need a chocolate fix or... any other excuse we can come up with to rationalize the purchase and consumption of a really chocolatey, rich, and simply delicious cake. (all this talk of cake is making me want some... okay I'm back now from eating the cake ) Well, today I got one and it's not as good as usually because not only did they change the icing but they stopped drizzling it down the side. So the cake was really dry vs. being so moist it melted in your mouth. I blame it on the economy. Now the cake makers can't afford to put on enough good frosting on my cake.

I bought plastic cutlery for Marie from Wal-mart, which has holes in the handles. I'm not sure if they meant for it to be decorative cuterly but I still blame on the economy. Now the plastic makers can't afford to give us full silverware. This makes me sad.
(I wasn't lying when I said I ate some cake, there's the evidence around my mouth haha)

I ran by a creepy guy in Wal-mart who proceeded to hit on me and not give up. He even started following me as I ran off yelling that I didn't know him even though he insisted that he did know me or recognize my face or whatever his dumb pick-up line was. I blame his mom for not teaching him manners or how to be nice to a lady. Actually I take that back. I blame it on his dad for not being a good example to his son.

I'm was just talking to my friends about being made fun of for different things in middle school. Middle schoolers are so mean. Marie once told me that "middle school happens to you. At least with high school you have a little control of it." It's so true. Middle school was awful. I blame society and our sinful natures. Also maybe hormones. Oh you know what? I actually blame it all on puberty because that is a gross sounding word that explains why Middle School is so bad.

I have $13.90 in my account. I blame my huge phone bill and those in control of that who I won't mention. Oh and I blame the economy. That's three strikes against you economy.

My body has been torturing me the last three weeks with daily headaches and stomach aches. I don't really know what to blame but I hope this isn't a long term thing. I guess I'll just blame hormones.

I lost an earring from two separate pairs of earrings this weekend. I'm actually kind of annoyed at the fact because they were two of my favorite pairs of earrings. I'm going to blame it on the earring makers for not designing the earrings to better stay in my ear. I mean I can't blame myself for not wearing earring backs so I'm going to stick with the earring makers.

I keep falling for guys who get back together with their ex-girlfriends. Just seems to be a pattern in my life. Hmmm... what to blame this one on? I guess I'll just blame it on the economy again, even though that doesn't really make sense. I just want to blame that again because I hate the economy right now.


Anonymous said...

yeah girl! preach it!! blame the economy!!! hehe, this made me laugh. and i like your pictures. :)


Marie-Claire said...