Thursday, December 15, 2011

New house

This is what my kitchen looked like (needed the most contrast so I got it when it looked it's worst :)

This is what it now looks like now

I'm now working on my bedroom :) Hope it looks good when I'm done.

Okay, so I know that we get in a rut but seriously do not let your blinds get so dirty that your rags (yes, plural) look like this when you clean 3 blinds. That is an hour and a half of my life that I will never get back.

In other news, I never want to paint again. Good thing I have the living room and hallway yet.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


I got to see my siblings at Thanksgiving. It was such a wonderful time. We had a blast. I wish that I lived closer to my family or that we all just lived closer to each other but it seems God has different plans for us. I'm thankful for the time that I do get to spend with them.

aren't we just totes adorbs? (translation for those who don't speak like a college girl: totally adorable)

And people feel bad for him. I tell you he's spoiled ;)

Everyone thinks I'm really funny. Here is proof. Okay not really but that would be a logical caption for this picture.

I decided that I wanted to make a wreath for the door of my new house. This is me making my wreath.

Okay so maybe I had a little help. We all watched Tangled and helped me make a wreath which was pretty time consuming. Who knew, right?This is the wreath I decided to make. It's very pretty and can be used all winter versus just at Christmas time

I moved the next Wednesday and started my new job the next day. Leighann drove up on Friday and helped me find furniture and move into my house. It was such a relief and a blessing to have her there. I don't know what I would have done without her. I had nothing and she helped me craiglist, Goodwill, and even dumpster dive to find my bed, 2 dressers, 2 bookcases, a table and chairs, a bench, a chair, and a possible craft table (that needs some work). We were so busy but we got so much done. My co-worker's boyfriend let us use his truck Saturday night and Sunday, which is the only way we were able to get all that furniture. What a Godsend.

Well, I have been at work far too long. Time to go home to my internetless house.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

So Sorry

I know you think that I forgot all about this blog.... it's not true, I've just been busy.

Most of you know but in case you don't, I got a new job in Indiana at an University as a graphic designer. The whole turning in my application/interviews/and job offer took a month, which in my book is a pretty fast turn around seeing as I then had to find my own place, move, start a new job, and continue moving in. I started almost 2 weeks ago and love it. The job is very fun and I work with great people. I can't wait till I get my i phone so I can share all the different antics via phone. My first day they had a dry erase board with days crossed off till Dottie arrived. Then I had a banner saying "Welcome Dottie" but since they wrapped it around a book case it really says, "elcome ottie". Today my office space got Tony Dungyed, which just means there are sooooo many pictures of him all over my little cubicle wall that you can't really see the wall in places. We all have been playing Christmas music out of our computer speakers for each other and everyday at 4 we have music hour. Music hour is sometimes themed (like last Friday was Usher hour) but often is whatever song we want to play for everyone else that meets the University standards a.k.a no cuss words,crassness,etc and everyone just takes turns. It's a very fun work environment.

I hope to meet friends soon. It's really weird moving to a place where I only know 2 people and I live by myself. But I know with time this will be a really great place.

I will upload pictures later this week on my house and some late Thanksgiving photos.

Love you all!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011


via google

So I got the job. I'm moving in a little over a week. I found a place, just looking for a roommate (Katie, the last tenant had a dog so jack would be welcome and there are some OT schools within an hour radius... I checked.)I'm thankful for this opportunity and just feel like God really orchestrated events to get me this job. I had the shortest stint of work at Starbucks maybe known to man. I had worked just over 2 weeks when I put in my 2 weeks notice. Wow, I didn't even have time to have an opinion about the place. I really liked the people. It doesn't hurt when you work with 3 of your friends. I also love sugary, bad-for-me drinks and now I know a lot more that I like at that place. It's also hard to say no to said sugary, bad-for-me drinks when they're free. So I guess it's good for my physique that I am not working there anymore. I'm excited for the next season of life but also nervous because I know myself and not having friends is hard. So I'm hoping all will be well and I'll be okay even if a little lonely.

Happy Thanksgiving week. I'm excited to see all my family and have a few days of rest and not have to wake up at 4:40.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Engagement Photos

Adam came 2 weeks ago and I got one of my friends to take our photos so that we could save some money. I think they turned out very well. I put most of the good ones on Facebook so I don't want to repeat all of them but here are some ones I didn't put up.

We think we're funny.

These laughs are real.
We're getting married. Can you believe it?
Just dancing in the street like that old Mo-town song.
We like to be different and funny. We at least crack ourselves up.

Hope you have a wonderful day. Both Adam and I have interviews today so just pray that God would open up the right doors for us. Also Thanksgiving is only 2 1/2 weeks away. I can't believe it!! I'm so excited to see my family.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween and photo shoots

If you came to Starbucks on Monday, this is what I would have looked like serving your drink or pastry to you. I love holidays. I'm hoping we get to dress up for Thanksgiving and Halloween too. haha.

This Halloween, I went with the Ellsworths to Treats on Main. All the local businesses handed out candy and had fun games for the kids to plain all up and down Main Street. It was so cute. So many awesome costumes that I wish I could have captured to show you all. I saw i phones, a deck of cards (dad-king, mom- queen, baby- joker, other kids- A, 2), pumpkins, and other adorable costumes.

This is who I went with. The cute little puppy and the beautiful Belle.

Sawyer took his costume dressing up very seriously. He was always in character ;)

This was an adorable little clown. I couldn't resist.

My computer finally got fixed (thanks to multiple people and Apple ;) and I finally got to put my pictures from my camera onto my computer. I noticed that Addy has gotten to be my model over the last month a lot more than I realized.

I've wanted to do this picture for a while. I saw the idea off of pintrest.

She was showing me her moves haha

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I hope to put up pictures of Halloween later this week. Just having trouble since my computer is down and I don't have a card reader. Until then enjoy this picture. Sarah, the other girl who lives in the basement with me, took this photo of me. We had a lot of fun setting this up and taking it. Hopefully, we'll do other fun photo shoots.

My job opportunity called. I have a call conference with the VP of University Relations on Monday at 4. Prayers would be appreciated. Thanks!!

Monday, October 31, 2011


I should be hearing back from a job opportunity today or even tomorrow. I think it's a good opportunity, it's just intimidating to think of moving somewhere totally different by myself. I'll let you guys know. Prayers are always appreciated ;) Until then, I am a morning supervisor at the University's gym and a new Starbucks barista. So much to learn but I work with great people so that is always a plus.

Happy Halloween! and Happy Birthday to my brother-in-law, Henry. I missed yet again the Thriller on Main in town near me. Every year they do the Thriller music video reenactment down main street and I'm sure they have other activities too but I don't know because I always forget about it. I was going to find a picture to represent this but zombies are creepy so I gave up pretty quickly.

Adam came last weekend and we had a friend take our engagement photos. It was good to spend quality time together. I'll post a picture preview later this week when I get them from my friend.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Job Market

Applying for jobs can be so montonous. Each business claims that they're fast-paced and ever growing, oh and would need someone highly organized, with years of experience, and a good sense of humor. I seriously doubt every single business is like that. Sometimes I think they lie just so unsuspecting people will apply and get stuck in the world's most boring job. A lot of jobs I apply for sound down right boring. I literally fell asleep filling out an application the other day. I can't imagine working for said business on a day-to-day basis. I would probably be the most rested person alive. But every once in a while, I find a job opening that sounds so fun and exciting that I start to dream what it would be like to work there. I get my hopes up only to have them dashed upon the rocks of inexperience because that seems to be the only thing employers see in me. What ever happened to giving people a chance to learn, grow and get that experience? I know I could do 95% of the jobs that I apply for without any trouble.

We'll see what the future holds.

Sunday, October 9, 2011


35- amount of bug bites I have right now on my legs
17- times I thought about blogging but found myself doing something else
7- kinds of lipsticks my friend and I just tried on in a Rite Aid because we wanted to be bold but not too bold, ya know? We ended up getting a pinkish red and are pretty excited to rock that. (we both got the same color but different tubes, we're not sharing it as that last sentence might suggest.)
5- the amount of weeks I've been waiting to hear back from a job interview. (Yes, I have followed up with them so please don't bother asking me that silly question)
4.5- the number of weeks since I've seen Adam in person (only 2 more to go!)
4:45- the time I will have to wake up tomorrow to help a friend out cover a shift at the gym
4- the amount of really, really stressful things that have happened lately
3- the amount of dollars in my wallet ;)
0.00000001236- amount of work I get paid for these days

Monday, September 26, 2011

This weekend I hung out with my friend Katelyn and we made these banana muffins (without the frosting to try and be a little more healthy and save money) and these coasters.

We were pretty surprised our muffins turned out right because we accidentally did everything the recipe told us not to. To top it all off, she doesn't have a microwave yet in her new apartment so we had to go old school with melting the butter. First we tried warming it with our hands, then by candle light, and and lastly by just placing it in a bowl in the oven. The muffins were really good. I might have eaten 4 that night.... don't judge.

The next day, we decided to make coasters out of scrapbook paper and tiles. They are so cute and very easy. Here are what mine look like. (For those of you wondering, whenever I finally get married, my last name will be Ward. Hence the "W".)

totes adorbs, right?

Just applying for jobs today because things that were supposed to work out, just haven't. Jobs applications are all the same. Everyone works in a fast-paced environment and wants you to have at least 3 years of experience. Oh and you have to be detailed-oriented, jack-of-all trades, and give your first child to the company as compensation. I really don't think half of those things are true just like every employee is a hard worker, team player, and likes to work holidays.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Quick List

1. Today was much better than yesterday. Unfortunately, I didn't have any work to do that would give me money but I made myself useful around the house, which made everyone else feel better. I folded the laundry, made dinner, did the dishes, and had a dance party with the kids. It was really fun. If you ever feel down, have a dance party with kids. You'll feel better before you know it.

2. Apparently, I enter contests now. I've entered 2 today haha. Well, one of them is a for a diamond dash in Lexington for next Saturday. I don't really know all the rules but I do know that my friend and I were accepted as contestants today and we'll be going all around Lexington next Saturday based on clues sent on our cell phone. The grand prize you might ask. A diamond ring worth $19,500 haha So the likelihood of us winning probably isn't that high but it's free and I get to traverse all over Lexington with one of my good friends. Can't be bad, right?

3. My hard drive is about to fail so I had to buy a new one today so that I won't be computerless.

4. On one hand, I really like freelancing and making my own schedule but on the other hand it's hard to work with people that you don't come into contact with on a day to day basis. If they don't answer your email or phone call, you're kind of stuck.

5. Skype is way better than talking on the phone. Also Skype is way better for long distance relationships... hands down. That's my two cents.

I could make up two more quick lists about my life but they're not very interesting so I don't want to bore you all :)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Boots and Best Friends

I bought these boots 3 days ago and have been in them every since. Wore them with a dress to a wedding on Saturday, put them with skinny jeans and a fall sweater for church last night, and wore a similar outfit today when I went to see one of my bosses to get more projects. I've wanted some fall boots for a long time so it'll be a while till I'm not planning my next outfit with them :)

In other notes, I surprised Marie this weekend by showing up at the hotel she was staying at for her friend's weddings. Our other friend, Anna, was going to the wedding and so asked if I wanted to join her and surprise Marie. We packed up the car and left on Friday and were giddy with excitement by the time we pulled into the hotel parking lot. I was nervous because I just didn't know how she would react but when she saw me, she cried from joy (this has never happened so I was well, surprised myself). All in all, we had a fun, relaxing weekend. Glad I got to see her :)

This is what just came out of her room. She likes to play dress-up instead of napping. She just forgot to unzip the dress before putting it on.

Thursday, September 15, 2011


My life is one big waiting period. I'm waiting to hear back from a job that will determine what happens in the next 2 years of my life.... it's getting so hard to wait. I'd love to know the answer so that I could figure out what I'm doing, when I'm getting married, how I'm paying off loans, etc. but for now I'm waiting. I hope that soon, I will be able to get settled either here or somewhere else and get to pick a wedding date :)
Also, I will be happy for the day when all that I own isn't falling apart. Maybe that day won't come for a while but for now I can dream. I let a friend borrow my car and forgot to tell them that the passenger window doesn't go back up after you put it down. They of course put the window down because it was a nice day and they weren't driving very far. Now, my window is down and it was rainy yesterday and it's cold today :( I know it may be vain but I'm embarrassed that I have a garbage bag duct taped to my car. I'm hoping the dad of the family I live with will help me fix it a.s.a.p but again I'm just waiting here ;)

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bajillion Pounds

That is how many pounds I will weigh if I don't stop baking. The cold/rainy weather has got me in the mood to bake fall-ish things and I noticed that I have pinned a lot of desserts on Pintrest but haven't made ANY of them as of late. So on Monday I made Apple Crumb Bars and Adam would not stop going on about them. He called me, and I quote, a "goddess of food". (Thanks sweetie, I will always accept goddess compliments). Oh and Adam randomly and spontaneously made the almost 8 hr drive to see his friends and I this weekend (He's such a trooper). I loved those stolen moments with him. I kept touching his arm or head or whatever just to make sure he was real. It just felt so surreal to actually see him in person.

Anyways, back to food. Yesterday, I made Caramel Pumpkin Cookies without the pecans because I just wasn't feeling them. These were good but I might do the caramel differently next time. I was told to put in those caramel squares that are wrapped in little cellophane packages and to cut them in bite size pieces. Which in theory sound good but when the cookie isn't warm, the caramel chunks are so chewy, I just don't like it.

Then tonight for the start of our small group/book club thing, I made Cinnamon Pumpkin baked donuts with the leftover pumpkin. (My only option for the canned pumpkin was one store that had only the double can-- so I had sooo much pumpkin--Also canned pumpkin has a season? I was the last to know apparently). I couldn't find the cinnamon chips I was supposed to use but there is so much cinnamon already in them that they are so good. Definitely hit the spot tonight and I had never made donuts so that was fun too.

Kindra and I really like the donuts :)

Look at all of them! So good.

What will I make tomorrow? Oh the options.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Friends

I got an awful stomach bug yesterday and woke up to find these.
My new roommate may or may not have stole them from our neighbor's yard.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

So the last month has been crazy.

Here's a quick recap:
Beginning of August, I got to go down to Georgia to visit some friends and see one of our other friends get married. The wedding was fun and then we made a long weekend out of it and chilled at the pool and tried on wedding dresses. Well actually I tried
on wedding dresses but my friends helped me and we just had a really fun time.

Then I went home for two nights, one to work and one to pack and then I left for
Chicago/Milwaukee/South Dakota trip with Adam and his family. We had a blast. He showed me where he would live, go to class, and other random/awesome things about Milwaukee. For real, really cool city that I wouldn't mind living in. It has so much to do but still feels like a small city that doesn't have that much traffic. We went to Marquette and looked around, stopped someone from stealing a bike outside the library (real life), ate lunch, walked around Third Ward (an older district of town that has been renovated into public markets, restaurants, and shops), went to the beach, played golf, ate dinner, saw his now house (he's living with a family) and then went home. It was fun
( street on the Third Ward)

Then we got up very early and drove for 12 hours. Played a lot of travel scrabble, talked, read, and ate almost half a box of fig newton's and tried to blame that on Adam but he wouldn't let me get away with that haha We all stayed in a hotel and then got up and drove a tiny bit and stopped at the Badlands. His dad knew I had never been out west and seen anything like it so he was always pointing out interesting things which was nice because I don't always pay attention haha
The badlands-- apparently a lot of space-based movies have been filmed here because of the crazy terrain.

Then we headed to the ranch were Adam's sister, Sarah, was working for the summer. Then on to Mount Rushmore where I took more pictures of the presidents than I'll ever want. The next day, we went on a trail ride and Sarah was our wrangler which is what she had been doing all summer and just chilled around the ranch an small town. The next day, we hiked Hurney Peak, which is the highest peak east of the Rockies and west of the Pyrennes. It was beautiful but very tiring. We also saw a lot of wildlife around Custer State Park which is right there. It was a super fun day!
Reverse Drive-thru at Custer State Park-- Is it bad that I kind of want a burro? I mean look at the baby one--- so cute!!
The next day, we literally drove all day long. I read 1.5 Harry Potter books and played more travel scrabble. I even one a round of it.
Then I left the next day. Since then I've been freelancing for different clients (more on that later), nannying, waitressing, and opening a gym in the wee hours of the morning to help a friend cover a shift.

Pray for me, I had an interview this morning. There are many pros/cons to getting or not getting the job so....

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crazy Hair and Work

This is what my hair looks like right now.

Crazy right? It was inspired by this blog post. I wanted to do it because I knew it wouldn't last long and I don't have a big kid job yet so I don't have to worry about it ;)

I'm making my donation today to Invisible Children. God has provided so much this week. I'm happy to take the next step in obedience :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

For those of you who were wondering

this is what my baller ring looks like. It's sooo pretty.

trying to get you all different angles.

Anyways, Adam and I had so much fun in Louisville yesterday for my birthday. We hung out all day at the waterfront park, which was sooo legit. This summer has been the summer to learn of all the cool things that I could have been doing all throughout college but never got around to it. This was one of those things. We got there ten minutes after they closed the bike shop because it was so hot and no one was renting bikes but ideally you could rent bikes/buggies to ride along the river and all over the park. There are at least two huge playgrounds and a splash area (which is quite refreshing on a scorching day), lots of paths, lots of porch-swings and just random cool things in a huge park along the Ohio River right in the city. It was so fun and Adam was hilarious yesterday so I was laughing a lot haha. Love my birthday and all the free food you can get at all the various restaurants. We went to the Cheesecake Factory and told the waiter it was my birthday so he wrote "Happy Birthday to You" in chocolate sauce around the cheesecake plate. It was awesome. He even put in a candle and threw some confetti sprinkles on the plate. Loved it!! Wish I had a camera on my phone to capture it and show you guys.

I told you, Adam was being hilarious yesterday, right? This is him jump/dancing up every single stair to the car. Haha there had to be 10 or so stairs that he did this on. So funny.