Friday, February 17, 2012

Pinterest Party

I'm joining the Pinterest Party through my sister's blog. She would have a snazzy button if I had made it this week. Sorry sister. Anyways, we're trying to make a craft/or something off Pinterest each week.

Here's what I did this week.
Cute framed calendars that I decided to hang on my wall. Here is the super easy tutorial. Seriously, the hardest thing for me was picking out the right paper. (I used birthday bash by imaginisce) and frames from Target ($2.99 a piece).

Sorry about the quality of photos but it really does make my kitchen a little cuter. I really like them. I'm just going to switch out the months from each frame when it's time.

In other related news, I broke my binds because I was stubborn and frustrated and pulled on the actual blind to try and get it to come down. #goodone.

Well, hope you guys have a great weekend. I'm hoping to relax, get some stuff done and go see Adam at his curling match that is 2.5 hrs away from my house on Saturday. Should be interesting.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Recap with pictures

A couple weeks ago, my friend Kindra got engaged in this restaurant.

I got to be the wingman a.k.a sneaky. I got into his truck bed (while they were in the restaurant) and put a gift basket in the front seat, a sign on the windshield, and took a gift to the waiter in the back of the restaurant.
Then I waited behind this potted plant to try and get pictures when they walked out.
my view.
the weather.

the car full of elderly people that left to make my view wide open! (no discrimination here, just the facts.)

Wide open spaces from the restaurant to his truck.

And I blew it. I was borrowing a lens and didn't have it ready when they came out... Okay the real thing is that I did have it ready but discovered 30 seconds before they came out that it could go infinitely closer so I didn't have it focused on them. Sad day but next time I get to be sneaky, I'll be ready.

Happy Couple.

Another friend, Katelyn, got engaged the next day but unfortunately I don't have any pictures of that.

Next weekend, I went to Milwaukee because I wanted to.

Adam really likes curling. (excuse the lighting, had it on the wrong setting and didn't feel like editing it.)
There was a chilispiel that weekend. Normally games for curling are called bonspiels but this one was just for fun and was complete with a chili cook-off. What says north more than this?

Best of three. So sometimes I played this game instead of watching every moment.

Had to get the little silver ball on the little tracks numbered 1-100. I got as far as 30 haha It was hard to maneuver it all the way past that. You have to turn it upside down, side ways, diagonal to get it to go where it's supposed to.

What would a chilispiel be without a muffin tin filled with sample cups of each chili?

Ended the weekend with the Superbowl. Go Giants!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I'm addicted to

New Rihanna Songs
You da one, Take Care, etc.
Mad Props to her lately

like this one

No Flu For You! Contagion Social Action Campaign Infographic” width=Via:

I love the banter and the desire to keep reading because it's creative. I wish some of my clients at work or for personal work would let me do this for them. If you need any creative spark or just a good laugh, check out more of Column Five's work here

Feta Cheese
Love it on salad, spaghetti, a new recipe here that I want to try, sandwiches, anything and everything.

Okay this one is a stretch but I'd like to be addicted to travel and seeing new places. The reality is I have gone out of town the last three weeks but those trips were to buy a car in Detroit, go to KY to be with two friends that got engaged in one weekend, and last weekend was to Milwaukee because I wanted to.
I want to see a majority of the states and all the National Parks. Just gotta do it one day despite the gas prices.

Modern Family

Love this show. It's hilarious and highly addictive. Gotta get the second season at the Library

Valentine's Day ideas
This is just an obsessive thing for no purpose since I live alone and not near Adam but hey one day, I'm going to be that crazy mom who makes heart shaped food and sends Valentines in my kids lunch boxes. Or what about Raspberry S'mores? That sounds awesome!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo Updates.

This blog is pretty scattered but I thought you might appreciate it versus no blog at all.

1. This laptop has been both a blessing and a curse. It was originally ordered when I started working 2 months ago (Can you believe that I've been at this job that long? I can't lol) but was on backorder because of Christmas. It took forever to come in and then it seems forever for IT to actually give it to me. Then today has been a graphic designer's nightmare. IT sent a guy over to transfer files from my old computer to my laptop and get my laptop synced with my mouse, monitor, and wireless keyboard. This took 2 hours. I couldn't work on any of my projects while this was happening. Then they left and I had to print off 2 projects that are on a tight deadline for my bosses to proofread them. IT hadn't synced my computer up with any of my printers. There are a lot of printers on campus so it's kind of confusing when trying to do this.
So I got on the phone.

35 minutes later, it still didn't work but the guy said he would call me back in 20 minutes.
3 hours later, I called them and got to talk to another IT guy.
45 minutes later and a short nap on the phone while the guy silently tried to fix my computer remotely, my computer still wouldn't print. Hopefully, they can fix it tomorrow. You don't realize how much you rely on technology you don't understand until it doesn't work.

2. In other news, advertisers get me.

3. Pretty self-explanatory but in case you can't tell sometimes you don't have a bobby pin and just have to use whatever office supplies you have around to help your bangs out.

4. It's kind of last minute but I've decided to go visit Adam this weekend and I can't wait. We are keeping up seeing each other every 2 weeks after all. Loving it!

Anybody have Superbowl Plans? I'm excited to just eat food and hang out with Adam's friends for at least the first half before I come home.