Thursday, November 5, 2009

7 quick take Thursday

(I tried to find the happiest picture ever, what could be happier than rainbows and butterflies?)

1. Today is Assessment Day therefore all classes were cancelled (well most of them except for those science professors who are somehow getting away with having classes) and we're given online surveys to take. It has been so relaxing. I've gotten to reconnect with friends and actually have an afternoon off. Thank-you Asbury College for allowing this to happen and despite internet/server problems, your surveys weren't that bad.

2. Yesterday at work, someone left 3 cookies at the desk. I might have ate 2 of them.

3. This week is Great Commission Congress. We have extra chapel services and it's all themed or whatever. Well our chapel speaker is a missionary from a country that we aren't allowed to name and we only know our speaker by an alias which again we aren't allowed to mention. Yet I looked on our chapel schedule and his name is written right there for all to see. Good one Asbury. Now I know where he is serving, his alias, and he real name if that is really him on the schedule.

4. Today is beautiful and some girls and I are about to have a photo shoot.

5. I'm finally going to have my Spanish test tomorrow. It was supposed to be 3 weeks ago but the Professor kept pushing it back for some reason.

6. There are no more home soccer games and that makes me sad because most of my guy friends play soccer. Also soccer games are fun to go to and cheer/be with all my friends.

7. I can't stop listening to Ben Rector. He has an amazing voice and his songs are super catchy.


Leighann said...

i love that you are posting every day!!

hamesworth said...

Me too! Ben Rector rules!

Anonymous said...

wow yesterday WAS a good day! and so is today!!