Thursday, May 10, 2012


This past Friday, our office went to a telecast conference, called Leadercast. It was put on my Chick-fil-A and held in Atlanta, Georgia. We did not have the privilege of going to ATL but we did get the chance along with 120,000 other people across the USA to watch it via telecast.

It was pretty awesome! The speakers were Andy Stanley, John Maxwell, and Tim Tebow just to name a few.  The topics were about leadership and mainly leadership within a company but a lot of what they said could be applied to leadership and morals in one's life.

It was really inspiring and challenging.

One of the things said, I liked most was by Tim Tebow.
He was talking about football being a platform for leadership and impacting people and said,
"I hate when other celebrities, athletes, or entertainers say, 'I'm not a role model.' Yes you are. You're just not a very good one."
Well said, Tebow.

There was so much said that it is hard to condense it but if you're ever bored, you can look at this guy's sketch notes of the entire day. They are pretty sweet. I wish I had that talent.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Engagement Photos

Almost a month ago, I got the privilege of taking my friend's, Kindra, and her fiancé's, Taylor, engagement photos. I will admit I had a lot of cute ideas but when it came down to it, it was rainy and kind of cold so that threw out well... all of them. So needless to say, I was a little off my game and wish I would have prepared better for the weather. It's important when taking people's photos to direct them in a way that they feel at ease and don't feel awkward at the thought of not knowing how to pose. I failed at that task for the day because I did not bring my A game. All that to say, I think she has lots of pictures to choose from since before this they only had 6 pictures of themselves as a couple but I wish I would have done better (isn't that how it always is?).

Here are a couple. I'll let her show you the rest sometime on Facebook.

Isn't Ollie just the cutest? (that's the dog I got to puppy sit a few weeks ago)

Thursday, May 3, 2012


Okay so Marie-Claire just told me about this site the other day but it seriously looks ingenious. It's called EMeals and helps you budget and come up with weekly meal plans. You sign up for $5 a month and get an email each week of your dinner plans, complete with recipes and a grocery list. You can even set up your favorite grocery store (if they have it) and they'll try to pick recipes based on what's on sale. What?!? Yes. Crazy. Also you can have grocery lists based on your family size (even if it's just yourself), certain allergies, budget friendly items, diets, and other various things. It looks sweet. Anyways, I think I'm going to try and it and let you know how it goes. Seems pretty awesome to me since I have been struggling with what to make for myself and soon one other person. Might be helpful to some of you budget-friendly or busy people out there. Or really anyone who has ever struggled with what to buy in order to make so you can finally eat. Can I get an amen?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My Unexpected Weekend

In my office area, I can't see who walks in the door from my cubicle but two of my coworkers can. Therefore when people walk in, I don't even bother to look up from my cubicle because I know that my coworkers will talk to whomever comes through that door and usually I am not the one needed so it just saves everyone time if I continue to work on my projects in my cubicle. Well, on Friday at 4:15 the door opened and some people walked in. 

Kelly: Could I help you with something?
Them: Yeah, we're looking for DJ.

This piqued my interest since no one knows me as DJ here. I popped up from my chair and to my surprise saw my brother walk from behind the half wall and then behind him was my dad. I was so surprised and absolutely confused how they were at my work that I was speechless. How did they find my office? How did they trick me and somehow drive 9 hours without me knowing they were coming at all? They mentioned meeting my roommate whom I had just asked to move in with me 3 days before and had seen my newish car and house all before coming over to my office. No one in my family has seen my car, Leighann is the only one who has seen my house, and I hadn't had a chance to tell many people that I had a new roommate because it had happened so fast. It was crazy! 

Needless to say it was an unexpected surprise. Seriously I couldn't wrap my mind around it all haha They probably thought I was happy to see them but in reality I was just so confused haha

We had a great weekend. The weekend before had been crazy, intense, and very short so I felt like I didn't get to talk to everyone as much as I wanted to. I also hadn't had time to see my dad but I had really wanted to see him so it was great to see my brother and have more one-one time with him and get to hang out with my dad more than a lunch or a couple hours here and there. We didn't do much because they had driven a lot, nothing is really close and the weather was pretty crappy but it was a very chill weekend, which was sorely needed.

We went out to a local spot to eat that I had heard about but hadn't had a chance to try. It was decent but I think our waitress was having a rough day because she was not so nice. Oh well, it happens to the best of us. Then we decided to watch a movie because they were exhausted (my dad had gone to bed at 1 and gotten up at 4:30 to start the journey; my brother went to bed at 2 and got up at 6). They had then traveled all day, which always takes it out of me. They said they wouldn't stay up unless it was a comedy. We walked around the whole movie store (they still have those around here, crazy huh?) and couldn't agree on something. My dad kept picking up dramas and saying they were hilarious. When my brother and I wouldn't question him on that he would then admit they just had a couple, really good one-liners. Finally, I suggested Modern Family because although it's not a movie, it's hilarious and you don't have to make a 2 hour commitment. You can watch as few or many episodes you want.
We watched the entire first season this weekend and all were rolling at points. It was so fun and chill.

We also did some updating to my furniture and appliances. 

My dad decided I needed a bigger tv. I decided I liked that idea.

New tv vs old tv

furniture pieces that John put together

We might have overcommitted John on the projects to make. He put together a tv cabinet and a side table. He wanted to get the projects done but also wanted to talk to his girl. Dad helped him out by holding the phone up to his ear so John could still work.

These are from Wal-mart. Can you believe it? Look nice to me

John did such a good job. This would have taken me forever (if I even ever would have finished it) Now I just need a lamp ;)

Just chilling.

 Dad brought his friends dog who he was watching for the week haha She was so good.

The note I found on Monday on my whiteboard to remind me of a good weekend with family ;)