Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yesterday I was the tourist Part 2

Couple facts about Vancouver: Rated as #1 livable city because it always has activities going on.
It is like NYC so a lot of movies are shot there because it's cheaper.
It is even called Hollywood North.

Yesterday in Vancouver, my professor gave us a tour of the media center where he is stationed. He gets to work with the legends of the industry. He was showing us around and everyone seems very low key, it's not until you get to know them that you realize how talented they truly are. He kept pointing people out and would whisper to us what they were known for (he's the vice president of NBC, she designed all the look of the graphics for the games, he designed the graphics machine that everyone now uses, he decided where every microphone/audio piece would go in each venue- stuff like that haha). It was really neat. My professor is really talented and very knowledgeable. I just kept smiling and tried to take it all in like a sponge.

The torch looked really cool so there are a couple pictures of it. We took a ton haha. Sorry if the lighting is bad but I don't feel like fixing it at the moment.

The Olympic rings :) (oh our professor told us the floating wood has a net underneath it to stop submarines....

Us touching the torch and laughing at the people behind the fence haha.. we're jerks, I know.

The hoards of people behind the fence.
Had to get a jumping picture.
These guys know what's up. They were being pushed down the road in a bobsled. So fun.
My sweet brother looked up Vancouver and told me some cool stuff to see. He said Vogue Theater was really cool so when I saw it down the street, I was really excited. It's an old theater and actually now they are showing the Olympics on a big screen they set up. It was really neat to see.
I just wanted to be silly Vancouver looked really cool. It had old stuff amongst all the new stuff. Also you could see the mountains in the background sometimes, which was so amazing to me.

Everyone in Vancouver had those mittens I really want. I was becoming really green with envy. Then I saw the Olympic superstore and they had mittens. I was so excited until I saw the line to get in. The store was huge and the line went all the way down the outside of it. I was so sad, especially when I saw this tempting window display. You are so mean, Olympic store. We're fighting unless I can get those mittens at the Whistler affiliate tomorrow.
This is my friend, Kindra. She is awesome. The fun thing about the Olympics is that you get to know people you have known about for the last 3 years of school. She was given those two pins by broadcasters and apparently they are the most sought after pins of the Olympics. It's surprising how obsessive people get about the pins. My professor offered to trade her the top pin for 3 or 4 pins. He then said she could probably sell them on ebay for $50. Crazy times. She was telling us about them and was said, " A grown man probably designed both of these pins." One has pikachu one it.
I kept seeing these hats in Vancouver. They are so cute but are $30. I don't think I'll be getting one even though the racoon and moose ones are my favorites.


Leighann said...

I love these pictures, especially the one of the people behind the fence. Natalie really likes those little hats too. Do they come in kid sizes? She saw the picture and said, "I want one of those!"

Can you ask the Whistler O store if they can order the mittens from the Vancouver store? I know, simple really.

Anonymous said...

This is your mom......get the hat. I insist!
I like the racoon :)

amy said...

love the blog. i feel like i'm there. i can't believe you all were rubbing it in to the masses of people about being right next to the torch and i still can't believe you get to be RIGHT next to the torch! right on! i love the silly picture too!

Kate said...

I like the one of you with the hot dog!

Marie-Claire said...

You love racoons.

I love you.