Wednesday, February 3, 2010

It's life...

me enjoying the book outside of the bathroom and trying to get Marie to enjoy it too.

My suitemate put this little book in our bathroom and I love it. It's called Don't you just hate that? 738 Annoying Things by Scott Cohen.

so here's a list of some I really enjoyed haha

39. Trying to trick the public by waiting and waiting... and then wiping your wet palms on your pants after a messy sneeze.

53. That despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the myth that hammocks are comfortable for napping somehow endures.

138. What most skateboarders amount to.

235. The myth that scaring the crap out of someone can eliminate their hiccups.

245. When your Caller ID reveals that the terrifying stalker calls you're getting are coming from your own home.

383. Sensing it was Satan, not nature or nurture, that shaped you.

424. The level of humiliation Monkey in the Middle can cause.

484. When it finally dawns on you that your 27-year-old son has been a full-time gangster for the past eight years.

507. The way your breath smells after drinking milk and keeping your mouth closed for two hours.

509. In this romantic comedy, Hugh Grant plays a sensitive Englishman who gets the girl in the end.

599. Realizing that you're completely ignoring the meaning of the words you're reading and wondering how long you've been doing that.

692. That the most intense laughter you have usually comes at the least appropriate time.

728. That humans have 60,000 thoughts per day, 59,998 of which they've thought previously.


Anonymous said...

#739 Buying underwear and then figuring out there to small.

Don't bring back any french men!
Love ya


Leighann said...

I NEED this book!