Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympic mascots

For Katelyn:

Miga is a young sea bear which is actually part killer whale and part Kermode bear ( a rare white bear only found in British Columbia). She is based on some legend

Quatchi is a young sasquatch from the mysterious forests of Canada

and lastly
Sumi is an animal spirit from the mountains of British Columbia....

So this is all very interesting. I found it all on the vancouver2010 website. They have a lot of information and cool stuff there.


Anonymous said...

i must admit that i found it humorous that katelyn only asked what miga was because on looking at them i couldnt figure out what any of them were although i assumed quatchi was some sort of sasquatch based on the name. i'm glad you explained for all of us though. just to let you know: now that you are again posting regularly i am back to obsessively checking your blog every time i do anything online (you know 6 times a day or something ha ha) before when you were not updating it quite as often i had been able to ween myself to 5-7 times a week. thanks a lot for feeding my addiction. jk. i'm really glad you have time with all that you're doing up there to let us know what's up. love you,

Leighann said...

like kt, i am addicted to checking your blog now even though i know you are working days and won't post until evening. i just don't want to miss anything! love ya.

Katelyn said...

yeah...i don't know why i didn't ask what sumi was... i assumed the middle one was a sasquatch. but i appreciate that you explained them all to us. i hope you enjoyed the opening ceremonies. my mother is addicted to the we're watching it whenever it is on. she keeps saying..."MAYBE WE'LL SEE DJ!!!" haha...she's crazy. you!

Kate said...

Woah, bizarre!