Sunday, February 14, 2010

Day 4

I rolled over in bed. What time is is?, I wondered. My ipod said 2:15p. 2:15! I have to be at work at 3p. How did I sleep that late? Maybe it was because I didn't feel well last night. Okay, what do I have to do before I leave. I struggled to cut my getting ready time down and figure out what to wear and leave in less than 15 minutes. I ran out of the hotel and asked the doorman to drive me to the Gondola station because if I walked/ran I would be cutting it too close. We got into the hotel car and I look at the clock. 11:34 a. What?
me: "Wait, is it 11:34 in the morning?"
doorman's thoughts: no, lady it's 11:34 at night. The sun shines at night in this part of the world
doorman's actually words: "Yeah. What time do you have to be somewhere?"
me: " 3'clock. I feel like such a retard."
doorman's thoughts: this lady is stupid and crazy.
doorman's actually words: "It happens all the time. No worries. Do you need to go anywhere else in the village?"
As my roommate can attest, alarm clocks and I never have the best relationships. I always end up oversleeping and I just don't function in the morning.
haha anyways the kind doorman dropped me off at the grocery store in the village and I even had time to go on a short run before work.
Work was kind of fun. I knew more of what was expected of me today so it was easier to tell broadcasters when they were in the wrong. Yesterday, I got walked all over but today I didn't care what they thought of me. It was still frustrating with trying to keep broadcasters where they are allowed to be but I hope that gets better.
One of the weirdest things today was that I was at the finish line and it was raining and when they sent me to the start house it was snowing. It's crazy weather up on that hill. I was just glad that we are wearing our uniforms now because they keep me so much warmer and dryer.
The guys started from the women's/double's start house and the women will start at the juniors starthouse. The (best) guys are going 2-3 seconds slower than they were when they started at their original start house ( about 200 m up the track). By starting at the women's starthouse, the first curve is actually the 4th and the starting hill is not as steep. It's all pretty crazy, if you ask me.
In other news, I like speed skating and I'm sad that the only days I have off are the only days that speed skating has off.
I'm still having fun, guys. Thank-you for all your prayers, e-mails, and comments. They are so encouraging! Happy Valentine's Day!


Marie-Claire said...

You <3 alarm clocks.

Kate said...

Wow, you sound like such a sports broadcaster with all your talk of meters and seconds and starts and curves and doubles and hills!

Jenelle said...

haha I started reading that and laughed :) You've been soooo worried you're going to miss something!
good job so far!!!

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! how hilarious!
i have done this very thing before. it is soooooo embarrassing to rush into work apologizing profusely for being late just to realize you are an hour and a half early.... oops... must run in the family. from now on check more than one clock. that's what i do. i check my alarm clock, the microwave clock, and the oven clock. occasionally my phone clock also. love you deej, katie
p.s. will you get to watch figure skating? are you allowed to tell us on here if you do? i hope you get to because i know how much you love it.
happy valentine's day to you too!