Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Yesterday I was the tourist Part 1

I woke up and got a message from my friend that a couple of them were going to Vancouver in 30 minutes. Did I want to go? Most definitely.
It was really frustrating meeting up because none of us had phones and we got confused on where we were meeting so we ended up missing the 11'clock bus. So while we waited for the noon bus, we went to Starbucks. A Starbucks worker dropped a whole box of stirring sticks so Kindra and I helped her pick them up. There must have been 500-1000 of them. So the girl said our drinks were on the house.

A bunch of Canadians were watching the games on a big screen down in Whistler. They keep track of how many metals they have and all where their Canadian gear. It's really cool.

I think this guy was a photographer for the Mongols ( yes, I was looking over his shoulder at his pictures when he finally woke up.) This part of the trip I think he was so out of it haha.
Apparently they ran out of hotels so they are having people stay on this cruise ship. I think that would be annoying because it's in the middle of Vancouver and Whistler. So no matter where you want to go it takes a good chunk of time to get there.

The trip down to Vancouver was beautiful! The pictures taken through a bus window couldn't do justice to what it actually looked like. The mountains are beautiful.

Yes, that is the Olympic Cauldron. Our credentials got us close enough to touch it while everyone else was behind this huge fence. I felt pretty important.
Okay, I have to run off to work. I'll post later on but you guys probably won't see it till tomorrow. I work until 11 which is 2 am for you east coasters. I don't have time to proofread so don't judge.


amy said...

i can't believe you got closer than everyone else to the cauldron. that is awesome - you guys must be important! (you did spell wear wrong but hey, i am not judging =-) looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

ha ha...
and, AWESOME!!

Leighann said...

love it! we aren't judging so don't worry. :) we just love the posts and pictures. that is awesome you got so close to the caldron. : ) glad you had a good time.