Friday, February 19, 2010

Yesterday (Day 8)

Dear faithful readers of this blog,
I am sorry that my post was a tease to you. The internet wasn't working this morning so I didn't realize that it had posted.

Anyways yesterday was beautiful. It was one of the first clear days since I got here over a week ago. I could see all the mountain tops and the weather was so pleasant. I loved it.

This is from down in the village.

My roommate (Kirsten) and I in front of the Olympic rings. A load of people were getting their pictures taken here haha. It was crazy.

The guy on the left is Armin Zoeggeler's coach (my favorite slider from Italy) and I have no idea who the guy on the right is.

This was a candy apple from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. It looked amazing.

This was my splurge for the day. I bought a Snicker's candy apple (sooo good) and split it with my friend, Will. He said I was the best friend ever haha ( if all I have to do is share food with someone to be the "best friend ever" then that's fine with me ;)

Work was pretty easy yesterday. I only had to work 3-8. I was in the mix zone for half the time and the office for the rest. The mix zone is not my favorite because it's usually busy and broadcasters can be crazy. But there are some good things about it. It's at the finish line so you can watch the big screen of the race and the athletes are usually nicer at the end and not as intense/focused as they are at the start house. The office has become by favorite, though. You get to stay warm, watch the whole race, and you're usually only busy when you have to deliver start lists and results between heats. It's nice.

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