Saturday, February 6, 2010

7 quick takes

So I know I haven't been a faithful blogger at all this semester but I'm trying to do better. 3 in one week isn't bad...not great... but not bad.

1. I'm training for a half-marathon. I hope to actually participate in the day's events but as of now I'm not even signed up. Anyways, it's been challenging but I enjoy it so far. The most I've ran is 8 miles at a time.

2. Last Monday was my half birthday. I usually don't celebrate or even remember it exists but for some reason this year I wanted to have a cake. So Marie and I celebrated together (hers was 8 days before mine). It was fun even though we got a lot of stares.

3. My boss at the Luce is a big jokester. This is a typical conversation between us.

Me (coming in to ask a question about a member): The husband is an employee..
Lee: your husband?
Me : No, not my husband
Lee: You didn't even invite me to the wedding
Me: Okay, fine. My husband. I invited you to the wedding. It's over. I now have the husband and he's an employee.
Lee: Here?
Me: Yes, here. He works here. Now the real reason I'm in here is to get an answer to my question.....

4. Tomorrow is my first day at the Olympics. I was suppose to leave at 10:46 a.m. but my flight was canceled due to snow. So as of now, I'm not leaving until 5:30 p.m. and getting into Vancouver at a little before midnight.

5. A local paper in Chambersburg wrote an article about me. I'll give you guys the link even though it is a poorly written article and I sound retarded.

6. I'm making flashcards of important athletes at my venue just so I recognize their names and faces but it makes me feel creepy.

7. It's weird how much snow everyone is getting this winter. It's like we had a snow drought for the last 3 years and it's all deciding to come this year.

this post is not that great but I just wanted to keep you guys updated.


Anonymous said...

i think your post is great. i'm overjoyed that you're keeping us updated! don't feel bad that you aren't blogging that much... you are very busy! i think it's awesome that you're training for a marathon... 8 miles??? at once?? i could never do it. do you jog the whole time or just walk sometimes too. i think i could do it if you could walk sometimes. :) hope vancouver is treating you well, we are getting our second blizzard in 4 days. love you

Leighann said...

love the update. keep 'em coming!

Kate said...

You didn't sound retarded in that article! I wish they'd had a picture of your pretty face, though!