Sunday, February 14, 2010

Little letters

Dear uniform,
Thank-you for keeping me warm and dry.

Dear death hill and slippery slope of death part b,
I hate trying to walk up/down you guys (and your cousin hills, trickery and decepticon) when it's been snowing. You have yet to make me fall but I know one of these days my backside will be well acquainted with you. When that happens, we will officially never be friends.

Dear rude broadcasters,
you know the rules why must you yell at me? And you can run but you can't hide from us. We're good at our job haha.

Dear Gondola,
You are awesome. I like riding you to work each day. ( I did not take that picture but I hope to take some and show them to you later)

Dear Hot Hand, Heat factory, or any other brand of heat producing packets of chemicals,
I love you, I love you , I love you.

Dear Armin Zoeggler,
Why did you get third? I wanted you to win. You are my favorite but shh! don't tell the others. I'm suppose to be unbiased. Also I wish I would have taken this photo or even gotten a photo with you but no can do when I'm suppose to be working...

Dear Olympic store,
Please get these gloves back in because I really want some.
Thanks.Dear Fairmont,
You are an awesome hotel that I love but why are your lights in the rooms few in number and the bathroom light switch outside the door?

Dear Friends,
This picture is cracking me up. Also imagining you guys as each one of them is even funnier. Do you agree?

Belle- Kate
Ariel- Taylor Brantner
Cinderella- Katelyn
Snow White- Lauren
Jasmine- Jenelle
Alice- Anna M.
Sleeping Beauty- Marie-ClaireOkay Happy Valentines day, all. Today was fun because it was the first gold metal round. I wasn't in fun positions but it was still interesting. The fans were crazy haha. The broadcasters were even crazier. They all just want to get their shot even if they aren't allowed to be in a certain spot.


amy said...

sounds like a blast. adyn thought the gondola looked awesome and kael really like the silly picture of the princesses. miss you!!

Katelyn said...

lolololol. the anna/marie-claire comparison was perfect. i laughed out loud. then i showed my mom and we both laughed out loud. i'm glad work is going well. i bet you're doing a wonderful job!!

Jenelle said...

I just love checking your blog and hoping you've written something! That pick is AWESOME!
The ski lift thing looks amazing too!!! I'd love riding that to work every day except don't you freeze?

The Ennis-Brennan Family said...

Love your letters to inanimate objects! So FUNNY. I can't believe you are really at the Olympics. I am so happy for you. I'm a little obsessed with the Olympics so I am going to be a little obsessed with your blog.

Anonymous said...

1. You yell right back at those broadcasters! They cant do that to you, and Im pissed at them!
2. I LOVE your choice of picture and personality for each of us. It make me very happy
3. I miss you very very much. Please come home to us soon.

Anna m.