Saturday, February 20, 2010

day 10

I am exhausted. I had another 12 hour day so I really can't remember all that went on today. I lost a bib for right's holders that had my bosses a little worried/annoyed with me, which didn't feel good. But I later found it so I think I'm out of the dog house for the moment. I'm getting to know the USA team from the 3rd event at my venue, which is really fun. My bosses are teasing me about how much I talk to them (which really isn't that much time lol). My boss radioed up to see if I was okay at the start house and after I said yes, she asked if I had talked to the team yet haha I smiled at one, I said. She just laughed.
The track in Whistler is said to be the fastest in the world so they are still having problems with crashes in trainings and safety concerns. Actually 2 out of the 3 Swiss teams pulled out of the 3rd event. It's crazy because they are supposedly the best (according to my American athlete friends).
The events tonight were really exciting. They were the final 2 heats for both women and men and they were very enjoyable to watch. The fans here are so fun. Tonight a guy dressed in a full body spandex (Asbury, think BJ Pugh but gold instead of green) suit that was gold colored and ran around with a Canadian flag to cheer them on to get gold. It was great.
A lot of people drink here including fans and co-workers, so I've been asked to go out to drinks and party a lot. Even tonight while I was working, there were 5 Canadian guys who each had 2 beers so they offered me some. I said no thanks but it's just crazy how much people like to party. The gold medalist from the men's event was shown down in the village celebrating his victory with a pitcher of beer. I find it rather ridiculous.
One thing my roommate and I were discussing tonight was how interesting it is to watch the Olympics on a Canadian channel and get their perspective about the games. We sometimes watch the western feed of NBC but mostly the Canadian channels because they have more events (that we want) on. They show their athletes a lot so sometimes I begin to think of them as "mine" too. It's interesting. The main difference between NBC and CTV and the coverage of the games is that NBC shows a lot more of the backstory of the athletes while CTV just shows the event.
Anyways, I have to work in the morning and I'm so exhausted that I can't think of stuff to write. I just wanted to write a little something to keep you guys updated.

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