Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Day 7

Has it really almost been a week? I feel like I'm in a time zone out here. I never know the date, time, or even the day. I thought today was Thursday for some reason.

I slept into today which was nice but I didn't feel that great today for some reason. My head and back were hurting. I didn't have to go to work till 2 so by the time I got there, the competition runs had already started. I just had to sit in the bio (broadcast information office) all afternoon, which was nice since my head was killing me and I didn't have any medicine with me. I was in there to answer the phone (which didn't ring at all), answer questions, and deliver results/start lists to all the commentator booths/trailers (there are about 25 booths and 3 trailers). The commentator booths actually smell really bad (usually a really weird plasticy smell or really strong smoke...weird if you ask me) so I kept holding my breath when I opened their doors haha.

I was suppose to stay until 11 because Skeleton had 2 training heats of both men and women (so 4 training heats total) but my bosses decided we could all go home at 8. We're just there if broadcasters are there and there was one Aussie crew coming at 8:30 for some reason so we passed on the information to security and skedaddled out of there. My bosses had been there since 9ish so they were ready to leave.

I think I'm going to like the Skeleton. It looks really cool. If it's on, you guys should check it out. Tonight, I was at the start house for training, which was really low key so I got to see a lot of the athletes. I'm excited.


Anonymous said...

this is my most favorite post you've ever written. that squirrel is ADORABLE!!! did you take that picture? ;)

amy said...

update! update! update!!

i am looking everyday and loving hearing about the minute details of what you're experiencing!!