Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Day 14 and 15

Sorry dear friends and family for the wait. The last few days have been full of stuff so I am just going to try and summarize in a couple quick lists.

We went to Vancouver again and it was so beautiful. The sun was shining and we walked along the English Bay (I believe). It was breathtaking.

1. On Monday, seven of us had the day off so we went to Vancouver. It was so much fun and a beautiful day to do it. We walked around part of Stanley Park (it's a 1000 acre park in Vancouver) and then some of us ended up renting bikes and others went to the aquarium in the park. It was so fun. I love bike riding so I was in that group. There were four of us so we got one 2-seater bike (tandem bike) and 2 regular bikes. I tried the tandem bike with my friend Will and it was hard at first but I really liked it. We biked on the sea walk (which overlooks the English bay) and looked at glorious images. The only problem was Stanley park is huge and the bike path is one way. So when we wanted to turn around so we could get our bikes back to the shop in time, we got a lot of stares and comments because we were going the wrong way. I didn't like that part of the ride but everything else was good.

This is a hot spot to see in Vancouver. It used to just be an industrial park/ship yard that wasn't very pretty but they (I don't know who "they" really is) decided to make it useful and prettier. So now there is a fresh produce market on this island and lots of interesting little restaurants.

You probably can't tell but this door was actually half the size of a normal door. It was the kid entrance (hence the sign) into the "Kid's Market" and it was right beside the normal door. This was on Granville Island.
Vancouver (the Yaletown district) at night... awesome is what I call it.

The view from my professor's apartment.

2. During the day in Vancouver, a couple of us got to witness to a co-worker of mine who came with us. I've been praying for this girl for the last week so I was glad that the door was partly opened but I still have an unsettled feeling by how the conversation ended. I think this girl is searching so I hope that in the next couple days I can plant some more seed in her life.

3. We decided to stay in Vancouver late so we could see the fireworks over the bay break right in front of my professor's 30th floor apartment. It was amazing. The bummer was we didn't get back to our hotel in Whistler until 2:30 and we had to be on the bus by 8:30. (I felt bad for my friends because their call time got changed from 3pm to 8:30am during Monday and they didn't find out till we got back late that night. I on the other hand was already scheduled for a 8:30 call time so I knew what kind of day was ahead of me). At least the fireworks were awesome.

4. Last night, one of my friends got me a ticket to the medal ceremony concert, which just happen to be The Fray. It was really fun.

5. The last 2 days have been nice because we have gotten breaks in the middle of the day. We go in for Men's upcoming event training and then get a 2-3 hr break and then go back for the 2 Women's competition heats. But that little break in the middle really helps especially yesterday when I desperately needed a nap.

6. I brought easy mac, ramen noodles, and bought oatmeal so that I could spend less money eating out. So for the last 14 days I have been heating water in the coffee maker so that I could use it to make those items. (We don't have a microwave because there weren't any left. I am just on a waiting list to get one in our room). Anyways I just figure out that we have a water heater in our room yesterday. So basically I'm so ghetto and retarded but at least I found it out now versus later. It works so much better than heating water in the coffee maker.

7. I got to see Mellisa Hollingsworth (5th place in Women's Skeleton) and Alex Bilodeau (got 1st gold for Canadian in 2010 games in Men's Moguls) at my venue tonight. I even said hey to Mellisa because I recognized her but then realized that I didn't know her so I kept on walking.

8. I was disappointed when the USA team at my venue got bronze instead of silver tonight. At least it was Canada who beat them and not Germany, who has been dominating our venue.

8. I get another day off tomorrow because there are no competitions at our venue. I'm super excited because I need to get souvenirs and just want to chill. I might even get to go snow tubing :)

9. My friend just informed me that George Clooney is in fact not staying at our Fairmont but at the Fairmont in Vancouver, which is also apparently where Michael Phelps is staying too. Bummer.

In case you forgot what Michael Phelps looked like.
(2 things: A) do you know how hard it is to find a picture of Michael Phelps with a shirt on and not in a speedo? B) No, I didn't make this picture/word/background combo- I found it on google. It's the only photo I didn't take in this post.)

Okay, I'm tired and hopefully will talk to you guys soon.


Leighann said...

i am so glad you had a great time sight-seeing. don't worry about the souvenirs if it is too stressful. we all understand. :) just have a good time.

that's funny you said hello to melissa. she was probably thinking, 'do i know that girl?'

amy said...

sounds like a lot of fun. i like the pictures, especially the ones of the fireworks. "which one was your fave?" only a couple a days left, enjoy em!

Anonymous said...

thanks for keeping us updated.. i bet you're getting sick of noodles and oatmeal :)

Anonymous said...

I have experienced the mac and cheese with the hotel coffee pot recently...makes you smile to yourself at your own ingunuity :)
i love your pictures of the water and the buildings- gorgeous!
cousin kelly