Friday, February 19, 2010

Day 9- a time for everything

There are 2 terms that I may have mentioned but probably not explained.
pin- Pins are very popular at the Olympics. Teams, broadcasters, organizations, and whoever else (even us Asburians) make pins for the Games and give or trade them with different people. Many people collect pins from past Olympics and trade to get newer ones (some people are very obsessive about the pins). You usually get a pin for doing something nice for someone or just as a nice gesture from one person to another. It's another way to bring people from different cultures closer together. (I will show you the pins I have collected in the next few days)
bibs- there are bibs, armbands, or sleeves that are different colors and coded depending on who has them. The bibs are basically oversized pennies (ones used in sport practices) and are used to make sure people are where they are suppose to be. We give bibs out to broadcasters who are filming in certain positions to keep track of how many spots we have left and it makes it easier to spot the crews in case they aren't where they are suppose to be.

Today was very loooong. I worked 12.5 hours so my mood about the whole thing kept changing. Sometimes I was very annoyed with broadcasters and just kept thinking, "I'm watching professional sledders". While other times, I was just so excited to be apart of everything and meet the neatest people.

My friend Vera and I were the only jr. Liason officers this morning so our first task was to unlock about 25 commentator booths. This was a very retarded task because the keys are in this huge bunch with all these labels on them that get to be very confusing. How you know what key to use is based on the number on the door handle but they aren't in any kind of order. At one point we got to this door and the label for the key was there but there was no key. I don't know how they ended up getting that door unlocked for the commentators because I was sent off to the starting house before we were done that task. ( I will have to get a picture of our bunch of keys later for you guys).
On the way up to the start house I saw a Liechtenstien pin and instantly wanted it but I chickened out asking the Liechtenstien people when I saw them. At the start house I kept thinking about the pin, so everytime I saw the coach I smiled at him. Eventually he sent over someone to give me a pin. I was legit excited haha.
The broadcasters this morning were not very happy with the spots they were allowed to film in. They kept trying to get me to let them film else where. Some were nice about it and some weren't. I didn't really like it at all.

Some broadcasters make me feel like that ...
When they are like that...
I got to meet 2 pushers from the USA 4-man bobsled team. They were so nice. I asked them where they were from and the one said Chicago.
"Oh my boyfriend is from there. Yay, I'm so excited. Where are you from? (I asked the other one)
" California."
I smiled. " Oh cool."
"Nothing? No, I have family there. Or I've been there? Anything?"
"Yeah, I've never been there. I can't help you out at all....... Well, I want to go there. Does that count?"
"Okay, I'll take that."

I asked them about the sport since I'm not very familar with a lot of the winter sports. It was very interesting. They told me that it's all about the start. The time lost in start is multipled by three with how much time you'll be behind at the end. You need strong, fast pushers and a good driver. It use to not matter if the driver was a good pusher but the sport is now a lot more competitive so the driver needs to also be a strong pusher too. It was all cool to learn, I hope I can talk to them tomorrow too.
I've found that these next two sports have friendlier teams and coaches. Tonight, I was freezing at the start house so one of the Korean coaches brought me hot chocolate. He was so nice.
I have another long day tomorrow so I don't know when I'll post next. Hopefully the broadcasters won't be mean. I got yelled at a couple times today, which is just wearing when I have such a long day.
Love you guys. Thanks for all the prayers and nice comments.


Leighann said...

I am reading about all the people you are meeting. I hope you are networking!! Sounds so cool, even if you are being yelled at sometimes. Just remember not to take it personally. The broadcasters are stressed and trying to bully you. Don't buy in to their emotions. :) Love ya.

Sarah said...

hahahahah I laughed out loud when I read the part about you smiling at the guy to get a pin. You crack me up. love you! miss you!