Friday, February 26, 2010

My friend, Liz, and I waited this morning for an hour in line for mittens. Then the Olympic store told us we were only allowed to buy 2 pairs of mittens. I was like, "Excuse me. I just waited in the cold and I can only buy 2 pairs?" Oh well. Kind of sad but no worries because I'm going again tomorrow so I can get some more for you guys haha.

Work was okay today. It was cold and there were 6 crashes so the competition took longer but it wasn't too bad. One of the USA bobsledders waved to me (we're definitely friends) and a German sledder asked me to "look at" his helmet (what?). "Can you look at my helmet,? I have to go inside." Oh you mean look after it. Sure thing Mr. Athlete.
I saw Amy Williams, the gold medalist in skeleton, up in the start house today. I thought she was pretty cool so it was exciting to see her again.

Our crew has a party tonight. We've done so well during the games and especially with our rough beginning that they are paying for our dinner (and drinks- which I will not have any of). It's kind of exciting to get free food :) So I'm off to get ready for that.
Love you guys. I only have 1 more day of this exciting adventure. I really think I've learned a lot in the last few weeks. I've been stretched and put outside of my comfort zone so much but I think it was a really beneficial experience. I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful faces, though.


Leighann said...

free food? that rocks. two pair of mittens, not so rockin'. i 'ordered' two pair, so please don't go back for mine. buy for the other people on the list and then just come home. :) it's not worth the wait. love you lots.

Anonymous said...

Deej, Are you aware that "looking at" a German's helmet is close to dating him. Beware. ....mama (tee hee)

Anonymous said...

LOL- aunt Karla, you crack me up!
I can't believe they are rationing the mittens...
cousin kelly

amy said...

oh, dj. this was one of my favorite blogs. you are so funny (don't get any ideas as far as choosing a nickname for yourself!) how was the free food and congrats on FINALLY after only 16 days getting those mittens. i hope they bring you health, wealth, love, and happiness or at least warmth in good ole kentucky!