Sunday, February 21, 2010

Day 11

Some photos for your enjoyment. I only worked 3 hours today, which was awesome. It was just training this morning so not that tough and then I got to do whatever I wanted. It was fun. I got to see some friends, skype my lovely family, and do window shopping.

This is the retarded stack of keys that my boss hands to me some mornings to unlock the 25ish commentator booths. It's hard to find the right key sometimes.

These are the bibs that I hand out to broadcasters. The one on the left is the one I lost the other day. It's pretty important because the red stripe means the broadcaster can film in the spots near the athletes. If they don't have it then security kicks them out of the area.

Gondola ride down to the village :)

My hotel from the Gondola. Pretty cool, huh?

A cool view coming walking into the village.

this is my new awesome Jamaican bobsled t-shirt. I love it already haha (yes, this picture was taken in the bathroom with the self-timer on the camera. Don't hate. No one was around. And yes I know it's wrinkled at the bottom but I wasn't going to take another one.)

This is one of my favorite pins that I've collected over the last few days. I smiled at the coach a bunch to get this one. I like it because A) It's from Liechtenstein ( I could stop there but I will go on...) B) This is only the third year they've ever been in the Olympics for bobsled (the last time was in 1956 C) It was the first pin I got from a coach ;) (I'm aiming for Australia, Ireland, and the USA next)
I bought these next two but they're so cute who could resist? Not me.

Tomorrow should be a fairly short day but they moved back the start time so now I am missing my friend's birthday dinner. Oh well. Happy 21st Kindra! It's your golden birthday and you're at the Olympics. You're awesome!

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Jenelle said...

woohoo for the Jamaica shirt! I'm so glad you watched Cool Runnings before you left so you can really appreciate it!

love you girl!!! Sooooo excited to see you!!!