Thursday, February 11, 2010

Day 2: a day of learning

1. There are different words and phrases that I'm picking up, which is making communications a lot easier. Apparently wash room is a bathroom, tuque is a beanie or toboggan, Zed is a "Z"- I had know idea when they told me to spell something with a "zed" what that was. I've met a lot of people from different countries so it's been really fun. A lot of people are so friendly.

2. I love the Olympic mascots. They are really cute and make me smile.

3. This is what my hair is naturally doing right now after wearing a "tuque" all day. Glamorous, I know.

4. This is what I found when I came back for the day. The people who make my bed also put Uno nicely on the pillow to greet me haha
5. So since I'm the only Asburian doing my job on my venue, I'm the only one who has to work tomorrow therefore I got to go home an hr earlier than everyone else. I'm not mad about it but it does call for an early morning. Bus at 6:15 a, Breakfast by 6:30, and work at 7. But I think I only work til 1 so not too bad. Then tomorrow night, I think a bunch of us Asburians are getting together here to celebrate the opening ceremonies since they are down in Vancouver- a 2-3 hr drive depending on weather and traffic.

6. I had 3 horrible dreams last night, the last one being that the gondola (like a chair lift for skiing except cooler and my way to work if there's no bus) didn't work and I had miscalculated how long it took to get to work and therefore was late on my 2nd day and fired just like that. So when my alarm went off, I made sure I got up and ready in plenty of time. I arrived 30 minutes early to my venue. Better there really early then fired and sent home lol.

7. It is amazing how many people it takes to put on a event this size. Someone told me it's as if we put on multiple superbowls in 17 days. There's drivers, runners, security, logistics, broadcasters, caterers, different depts of audio, video, radio, print, etc, and so much more. It's incredible.

8. The music selection for the last two days at our venue during training has been interesting. I've heard Kenny Rogers, Harlem Globtrotters theme song, Dr. Dre, and Weezer are some of the ones I remember.


Leighann said...

oh, i thought you were going to say the gondola broke. so much better to be fired than die in a gondola accident. i'm breathing a sigh of relief. no more bad dream, k?

Katelyn said...

What kind of animal is Miga? I can't tell... Love you, and I'm going back to sleep. Happy Friday mi amor!

amy said...

loving the hair. i think you are gonna start some kinda trend. i'm so jealous that YOU ARE ACTUALLY AT the OLYMPICS!!! how cool!! hope it's a great adventure! btw, we found out on march 16th about the baby!!!

Kate said...

Girl, you have people who make your bed?
You must be a superstar broadcaster!