Tuesday, February 26, 2013

My Dresser

Okay guys, I am really excited about this find. Remember when I said, we found this at a thrift store? I said I liked it but wasn't sure if we had room for it (even though we really needed it) and Adam being the awesome husband he is, said we definitely did and we bought it on the spot! Well, with my first day of my job looming in front of me last week, I kicked it into gear to get this bad boy done so we could get our apartment more organized. And am I ever glad I did. It took a lot of work but I am really giddy about the results. Our initial thought was that it was all wood and that I could stain the top and paint the rest of it white. This would have looked really good however, the top is not real wood while the rest of the frame seems to be.

 If you can see there are all kind of different lines going on. I think the trim is wood while the top is maybe plywood covered with veneer and the back is who knows what. I mean the side is who knows what either but I don't care.

The top coats did not come off very well at all so I just roughed it up with the sander and called it a day.

I think the original color had been cream and then the previous owner had painted/spray painted it yellow (why? I don't know? It looked bad) and they didn't even remove the hardware which is why it had paint in all the grooves and you can see the "leaf" imprints on the draw because the hardware had been left on (you can see it especially on the top drawer).

It was way too cold to do anything on our balcony but then Adam and I remembered that we have one parking space in the HEATED garage. Lucky for us too, we are the closest to the heater and are on the end so we have extra space ;) Perfect for parking the car and working on a dresser.  So I borrowed the community grocery cart to take all the drawers down to sand in the middle of the garage where the only outlet was in the whole 45 space garage. So many stares but I didn't care because I got the job done.

I decided to paint the dresser all white and spray paint the hardware a dark color. I think it's like a metallic dark gray/brown/black-- not really sure but I really like it! I love the contrast and the hardware it antique-y looking. Love it! Also I love the flower pattern on the top row of drawers and the character that the legs have ;)

 So cute right? We are going to add some pictures on the wall and maybe a tall vase to add height on this end of the room but I love, love it so far!!!

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