Monday, February 25, 2013

7 Quick Lists

1. My mom celebrated her birthday over the weekend to round out the family/friends birthdays to six in the last week (Today is Adam's friend's birthday and Adam's cousin's birthday as well). I didn't realize February was his family's month while August is ours. I'm so proud of my mom and thankful for her and that she found a man that she is happy with. It's nice to see her relax and happier these days ;) Love you Mom!

2. Today is my first day at Kohl's. I'm excited for the opportunity, to meet new people, to stay in my field, and cash flow never hurts. Let's hope the first day goes well!

3. This past week, Adam and I were hard at work on some projects around the apartment. Can't wait to show you guys when we finish them up.

4. We hung out with some friends on Saturday, watched the Marquette game (pretty boring-- those guys needs to learn how to score), and went to a new restaurant. Our friends split a meter of beer. It was cool when they brought it out and they seemed to really enjoy it. (Adam and I aren't big fans of beer which is weird to everyone everywhere but especially here because it's brew city-- so many local breweries!)

5. I went to four grocery stores on Sunday in the name of saving money. I don't think I will ever do that again because a) one of the stores is Target because they have great deal on groceries but b) they also have great deals on everything else I love so the money I "save", I spend on other things and c) you lose so much time going to that many stores that I'm not sure it's worth it. Couponing on the other hand, I could see being very addicting and beneficial. Maybe I'll just do that next time instead.

6. I taught Sunday School to two high school sisters yesterday. Big Lol. I don't think it went very well. They are not very talkative and the lesson was.very.short. On the other hand, Adam was the greeter and was not only cute but very good at it. He even dressed up to be the greeter. He looked good.

7. One of Adam's friends who will not be named gives the worst compliments... at least I think that is what he was trying to do. He said, "Dottie, I usually think bangs on girls are the worst possible decision they can make. I think they look awful. (long pause, lots of crickets and gasps from the girls across the table) But I specifically like yours" "Um, thanks?" It kind of felt like an insult sugar coated with an compliment but also gave us lots of fuel to make fun of him all night lol We laughed a lot about that all night.

How was y'all's weekends?

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