Thursday, February 21, 2013

Kindra's Birthday

So many birthday's this week.

My dear friend, Kindra, has a birthday today! I am so happy to know her. She is one of my best friends. We were the same major in school and then stayed around in Lexington after graduation. Then randomly we both ended up in Indiana. Well, not really random for her seeing as her family and then fiancé now husband are from Indy but it was random for me hehe She is so funny, creative, and a wise woman of God. We have been there for each other over the years and I am excited to continue on our friendship for many more years to come.

This is what she put on her wall. So cool

 She has a really cool dog that I puppysat a way long time ago that got a major haircut

We made a Birthday video for her last night that was so bad it was good. Adam wrote a little rap to the tune of Irene by Tobymac and the lyrics are awesome. We however are the worst singers/rappers you have ever heard.... I think she enjoyed it though hehe

 Happy Birthday!!

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Leighann said...

eh-em. video please...