Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekend Recap

Sorry! I forgot how much time a full-time job takes.

Here's an overview of last weekend.

We tried a new restaurant called Jimmy Grottos. It was a hole in the wall pizza/sandwich place that we had heard people rave about. If you are looking for a healthy place to eat, this is not your place. What you are staring at is not just any calzone, it is a deep-friend calzone. Since we are trying to eat better and not like we are at the State Fair, we will probably not visit again. I'm glad we tried it though.

A little west of Milwaukee are a lot of lakes. This weekend we had to drop my car off to get it worked on near these lakes so we went for a little drive. This is what we saw along with ice fishers and 4 wheelers towing sleds on the ice. It was so cool! Made me want to have ice in my backyard.

pool table, food table and a fire on the ice!

Adam said this had to be joke sign but seriously, I've never seen one so I had to take a picture! 
(excuse the bangs)

 Adam got a new hat. He met a lady who knits these last year at a Bonspiel (curling tournament) at Kettle (where we had curling after our wedding). He just reconnected with her recently and got his hat complete with Marquette colors. How cool is it?

 I don't know how she does it, but she knit curling rocks on the hat. So fun!

 Walking on more ice! So cool!
 This lake was huge. Everything covered in snow in this picture is the lake. This was the "small part" of the lake before the bridge in the far distance. There is a lot more lake after the bridge. There a ton of lakes in the areas and therefore a lot of house that have lake access. It would be a sweet place to have a house in the summer (or anytime really).

Then Saturday night we went to a comedy club with some friends. It was really fun and different. The first two guys were a little too crass for my liking but the headliner was hilarious! I laughed the whole time!

 Adam, Joe, Brian, Alli (Joe's girlfriend)

Sunday we did the coconut adventure so we could make coconut shrimp from scratch.

We tried all kind of methods and finally got it open! It was hard work and then we had to "grate" the coconut. Wow! It was a lot harder than we expected but it was fun to try something new. And the shrimp was pretty good. Adam even made a marmalade sauce using peach jam that Katie had made me for my birthday to go with the shrimp ;) Thanks Katie!

I'm excited for this weekend! We have a Chilispiel (Bonspiel + Chili cook off ) on Saturday and of course The Puppy Bowl I mean Super Bowl on Sunday. I don't know what I'm making but it will be fun.

Does anyone have fun weekend/Super Bowl plans?

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