Thursday, February 14, 2013

6 Quick Lists

1. Add 3 packages to this pile and you have how many packages the guy in front of me at the Post Office wanted to send. Lucky for me they opened up another line.

2. They're not kidding when they say Cutco knives are sharp. Wowza, this was after I tried to get it to stop bleeding and had wrapped it in a bandaid and a tissue. (sorry for those of you with weak stomachs)

3. Tasha had a groupon coupon for 2 drinks (latte, tea, italian soda) and 2 large bowls of gelato so she invited me to go along. We probably could have invited a few more people. Too much sugar for one person but oh so good. I had tiramisu (my fav), coconut, and snickers (which I wouldn't recommend). Then I had to navigate from the red dot to the blue dot during rush hour. If the highway was clear it would have taken me around 20 minutes... it took more like 45 to get home but I counted it all for exploring and learning the city better.

4. Happy Valentine's Day. We are curling tonight and then going out of town tomorrow so Adam spontaneously asked if I wanted a late dinner with him last night after his class. I never say no to dates. We tried a new Italian place and split a meal. It was yummy!

 Then today we had BOGO Caribou drinks. My favorite coffee chain. (If you have a Q doba in your area, they are doing a BOGO deal as well. You just have to kiss someone (usually your loved one but you could give a peck to the person behind you in line as well if that is your thing)).
 5. I had a coupon to for Valentine's day so I bought a new calendar for my desk at my new job. I love Rifle Paper Co. (You can find their stuff online, select paper stores, and Anthropologie as well) so when I saw their stuff was on sale and I had a coupon, I justified the splurge. I am so thrilled. Fab's packaging was cute with the "Hi" message instead their box and the calendar came with it's own decorative box that I am going to use for storage. Luhooove it!

6. Speaking of new job, I got the Kohl's opportunity. It was supposed to start this Monday but has been delayed by a week. I'm excited for the opportunity to meet new people, stay in my field, and have consistent work for a few months at least. They said they hope for this position to become full-time eventually so that's good too.

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Leighann said...

My jaw dropped when I saw the number of packages at the post office. Seriously, dude. Then it dropped again when I saw your thumb. I think you tried to tell me last week that you cut your thumb on a knife, and I was probably doing a gazillion other things and didn't compute that you REALLY cut your thumb on a knife. That looks very ouchy. Sorry. Hope the bleeding stopped or you're going to have a pack of wolves at your door. :)