Thursday, February 28, 2013

Our Wall Collage

I have been wanting to do this for a while and I am so happy that Adam helped me get it done. He even picked out some of the items at goodwill on his lunch break. (People, I have opened Pandora's box on that one-- He is an artist machine these days-- wanting to refinish furniture, paint a million paintings, picking up items to decorate- It's cute).

Our apartment has an open layout so we have one long wall that goes from our living room right into our kitchen cabinets. Adam had had his four Chicago paintings on the wall but it didn't fit the space very well. (We still love those paintings and have since moved them to our room so we can see them every morning when we wake up ;)

We had been working on this last week but we had to create little "shelves" for a couple of the items that didn't have ways to hang so we had to wait till the shelves were finished in order to finish the collage. When I came home Tuesday night, Adam surprised me by having it all finished. We still need to fill the photo frames but this is it for now. (One of the frames I am waiting for this illustration to come in from my recent obsession, Katie Daisy ( She is a 24 year old Illustrator who not only has mad skills but also has had a gigantic amount of sales on her Etsy site. Over 21,000!!!).

 (Ignore the mess; with the recent projects- our stuff has multiplied everywhere!)

We are into nautical things these days since we live so close to the lake. So we've been gathering items and they're mostly all in this collage. Some of the things we're from our wedding, some from friends, some new items, and some from goodwill. I'm really excited that it's done ;)

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It looks so cute! YOu are presh.