Wednesday, February 27, 2013

The Weather in the Great White North

I was going to blog more about stuff today but unexpected weather kind of delayed that. I want the winter to end. Not because I can't take the cold- I don't care. I can deal with that. I am getting sick of snow. It makes it hard to get anywhere. We are supposed to get even more snow on Friday. Boo ; /

Anyways, back to yesterday. The weathermen thought that the snow would start around 3 pm and maybe get an inch and then dump snow on us last night. This was/is not true. It did start at 3 but it dumped on us right then and there. We had 2-4 inches of heavy snow that was still coming down and 40 mph gusts of wind when the commute started for most people. No matter which way I tried to get home, it was jam packed. It took me almost 2 hours to get home.

(halfway during my trip; No worries, Mom- I didn't technically do this while driving as you can see in the video below)

Here is a little video half way during my trip

(correction: I live 12.9 miles away from work; my bee)

No worries though. I got home and Adam had gotten me flowers, had gotten something at the grocery store that I had missed on my list, and finished our wall collage, which I will blog about tomorrow ;) He is a good one ;)

(Ignore the dirty dish in the sink. He couldn't find a vase hehe so cute)

I'm not sure how much snow we have this morning but instead of just tapering off, the lake wanted in on some action and added some lake effect snow to the already bigger-than-expected storm. I'll have to see the damage when I get outside.

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