Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Weekend Recap

We had sooo much fun in Indiana and the best part is we made the trip together. Love it.

Our trip down was fun. Adam took a half day at work so we'd miss Chicago traffic and see friends earlier. We stopped multiple times but it was fun. One of our stops was to pick up Lou Malnati's pizza (hands down the best deep dish pizza ever that I could eat every week and not get sick of it... moving on) in a fancy suburb, which is where we saw this fancy McDonald's. Nice round tables, flat screen tvs, mood lighting, and I'm pretty sure I saw a fireplace through the window. So crazy!

Friday night, we hung out with the Kellers, ate that good, good pizza, and got crushed at Eucre (similar to Rook for those of you who don't know... if you don't know either of those games then we're not friends... just kidding, I pity you though and that's no joke). Kindra pretended that she didn't really know what the games was so we Wardos put our guard down. We got this one in the bag, babe we said with our winks to each other. That was the last time we winked at each other through the night as we got annihilated. Our goal by the end of the game was not to win, it wasn't even to prevent the inevitable of them winning, no, sir, we just wanted to make it on the board. We just wanted one point. Haha we did get one point but not many after that. Those Hoosiers are good. Hehe It was still fun though.

 Kindra and I 

 My friend is such a grown up. Making us feel like we're at a fancy hotel

We stayed the night and then spent half the day with them on Saturday. We ate lunch at Yats, a creole/cajun place that is oh, so good. Worth stopping there if you are ever in Indy.

Later that night we got to eat dinner with Abby, Aaron, Emily (a friend of theirs), and then were joined by some old coworkers of mine, Jennifer, Kelly and her husband Corbitt for some games. Ticket to Ride and Sequence were the games of choices and I didn't come to close to winning any of them. Haha I had such bad luck all day but it was really fun. Adam and I love games. It was so good to see all of my friends again.

We then stayed with some other friends, Jenna and Nate, and Nate left this surprise on my phone. Kind of scary, huh?

My job got pushed back a week so I got to see my coworkers yesterday morning. It was a short but sweet visit. It was so good to see them.

Kelly and I

On the way home, we got to eat lunch with Adam's dad, which was so fun. I'm glad that we at least live near his family. I miss my family a lot but I would be even more sad if we didn't live near any family. It is comforting to know we have them within an hour and half.

We're back in the big city and up for a good week. How was everyone's weekend?

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