Tuesday, February 5, 2013


Food + competition = always a good time

We went to the 6th annual Chilispiel this past weekend. (I actually went last year but didn't participate or have any idea what was going on)

Normal curling games are 8 ends (like innings, periods, quarters of a game) but this bonspiel we played 3 games of 4 ends. You were put on different teams each time based on your position and you got so many points for winning your game, scoring in an end, etc. At the end, the person with the most points won. It was really fun, relaxed, and such a great day to learn more about this interesting sport. I actually threw some really good shots (the bad thing is at first I didn't even know they were good hehe Everyone was congratulating me and I wasn't sure why. By the end of the day though I understood when it was and when it wasn't a good shot.) I had a lot of fun. Adam and I were not on the same teams at all but we were in the same shift of curlers so it made it nice.

There were two shifts of curlers so between your ends, you ate, voted on chili, drank, and chatted with the people you played with (both your team and the team you played against). Adam and I didn't bring a chili but we brought sweet cornbread, which was a hit. 

Adam and I both got a chance to play with the guy below. His name is Rolf and he still curls at his ripe young age of 81 even though he is mostly blind. He's been curling for 30 years. He's pretty cute. One time during the game, he came over and asked me what I thought the next shot would be. I, of course, had no idea. He told me his thoughts and walked away. It was comical.

 I think this has become my "lucky" headband for curling. I did so much better than usual. (Thanks Katelyn!)

 At the end, there were actually two people tied for first so they had to do a cold draw. I wish I would have gotten a video of everyone banging on the glass and cheering for people. It was awesome. (A cold draw means each person gets one stone to throw to see who can get it closer to the button (center of the circle) without any teammates sweeping or a skipping telling them where to throw the shot.)

Anyone have any fun weekend plans?

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this seems like so much fun!