Friday, February 8, 2013

The world needs a whole lot of Jesus and some honesty

Since moving, I have experienced some frustrating situations that can mostly be broken down into people just need Jesus and some honesty. None of the situations are life-alterating or in the long-run a  big deal but they are frustrating in the moment. And after encountering them over and over again, you just want to scream at the poor clerk who had nothing to do with the original problem. What happen to people's honesty? Why if I am completely open with you, can you not show the same courtesy to me? Companies may trick me into giving my money over to them now but they will not get it in the future and I will be completely honest with all of my friends about their service and let them make their decision.

I had another one of those experiences yesterday, where you feel tricked and trapped. I actually said something then and there, which is a huge step for me. Adam is quick on his feet and doesn't let anyone walk over him. Me on the other hand, would rather let someone walk all over me than make a stink. But no, I said something and it didn't really help. I then called the store back and talked to the manager and told her how dishonest I felt like she had been (she was my original problem, not the person who gave me the bill). And she was kind of nice but also just really condescending and basically apologized if I didn't understand the information she gave me. So basically, she said it was my fault. #goodone

Does anyone else get frustrated by these situations? Maybe not. But I do. I try to consistently do the right thing, not because it's easy but because it's right and I am sick of people not showing the same courtesy. This is just me venting and I'm sorry. I don't want to leave this week on a bad note. I'm happy. I'm happy where I am. I just got a job and I'm excited about the future. I'm really hope you guys have a good weekend. I know I will and I will try to keep you guys more updated in the future hehe

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