Monday, February 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

This weekend, Adam's sister, Sarah, came for a visit. She hadn't gotten a chance to try curling at our wedding because she had to leave right after the reception so she was itching to try. They went Friday night ( I had to go to a church dinner) and had a lot of fun.

Saturday, Sarah and I woke up to Adam making us breakfast. So cute and nice!
Then we decided to go to the art museum. The art museum's building is a work of art itself. It is featured in several movies including Bridesmaids and Transformers 3

Sorry it's so dark ;(

 the cool ceiling.

There were several art works by students that were very impressive.
 This was a mural made by local 5th graders.

This was a drawing by 12th grader (Amanda Witzlib Progression)

 T-B, R-L: 1. One of my favorite paintings at the museum. The light in this painting is amazing (Barend Cornelius Koekkoek La Valle de l'abe, 1841) 2. Adam goofing off. We were having a lot of fun. 3. Adam and Sarah mimicking this guy's expression. 4. Another amazing painting with light and shadow. (Friedrich Gauermann, The Holdup, 1847).

Adam's new friend... made of wax

 This is surprisingly a painting. It looks exactly like a photograph in person. 
(David Lenz, Sam and the Perfect World, 2005)

The museum had lots of different artifacts among the paintings. Here we looked at some furniture and wallpaper from the 70's 1820's. Pretty cool, huh?

This was probably our favorite part of the museum even though we are all in our 20's. It was showing how animation and Disney/Pixar films get their inspiration. It was really cool.

Sarah played this matching game showing famous artworks or locations that have inspired certain films.

This is hard to tell by the picture but the top one is a painting and the bottom one is a proposed scene from Tangled. (they both are on swings, in about the same surroundings, in pink dresses, flicking off their shoe.... very interesting.)

Then we got a chance to make our animations. It was really time consuming but fun too.


This is mine... it's really fast haha but fun too.

Adam made a painting for his sister. The right one is the one he made for her birthday and the left one is the variation he made for himself. He is definitely getting better at painting.

After the museum, they felt inspired to paint. Adam added a blue sky to Sarah's birthday painting and Sarah painted some flowers. It was cute.

Did anyone have a fun weekend?


Leighann said...

We were going to go to the art museum this weekend too, but no one was really motivated so we stayed at home and did little things that needed to be done and relaxed.

Leighann said...

p.s. i love adam's paintings. pittsburgh has some nice bridges. just sayin'