Thursday, February 7, 2013

Quick lists

1. Adam's dad called me last night just to say hi and make sure that Adam was treating me right. It was so nice. Of course, Adam is treating me right but it was very sweet of his dad to check up on me. I am truly blessed to be a part of his family.

2. I am finishing up the temp job in Kenosha tomorrow and I have an interview with Kohl's corporate today for a 6 month graphic design gig. We'll see how everything plays out. The Kohl's opportunity would be a little closer than the current one (10-20 minutes depending on traffic) and it would be longer term, which would be nice.

3. Thanks to Kate, I made this smoothie yesterday and luhoooved it! When I finished, I wanted to make another one right away. I hate spinach but you can't taste it in this smoothie at all (at least I didn't). It's healthy but doesn't taste that way. Next time, I'll either have to use less greek yogurt or use regular yogurt (which will make it a little less healthy) because that greek yogurt is strong. My stomach still hurts a little from it.

4. I got a new broom and slider for curling! I'm pumped. I got one with my membership to the curling club but it hadn't come in till this week. I had been using the Junior Curling supplies hehe There are playoffs tonight for Curling (our team didn't make it) and then the second part of the season starts next week. I'm not sure why it isn't one big season but I guess that's how the Curling world does it.

5. Adam's sister is coming this weekend to visit us. We are so excited even though we have no idea what we are going to do hehe Adam made her a painting for her upcoming birthday so I am excited for him to give it to her.

6. I thought I sold my wedding dress and I was really excited to make money and get it out of my house. Don't get me wrong, I loved my wedding dress! If I had a reason to wear it again, I would in a heartbeat but I don't and that dress wasn't cheap so I wish someone would man up and buy it hehe It is the theme with all my wedding stuff. People say they want it but they won't come and actually buy it. Oh well, just a first world problem and not truly a big deal at all.


Kate said...

1. I kind of love Kohl's. I don't love shopping there like I do at Target, but I feel like when I find sales there, they are AWESOME. I want you to do some design work for them. That would be great.

3. YES. I love them.

4. I think it is super fun that you curl with such frequency.

6. Where all have you listed it?

Leighann said...

Yay for Kohl's.

Hope you sell that dress soon. For your sake, not mine. I love the dress too. :)

have a great weekend. sorry about the mean manager in the post above.

love you.