Thursday, January 24, 2013


I met this girl, Tasha, through the pastor's wife two Sundays ago at church. She is friends with the Pastor's daughter. They went to undergrad together in California and now Tasha is getting her Ph.D here in Milwaukee. She's a Christian, seems pretty cool, and will be here for at least 6 years. This is a friendship in the happening because I am also a Christian, pretty cool, and will be here indefinitely. So we decided to meet up Wednesday for thrift store shopping and lunch. It was so fun. We hung out in the Third Ward, which I have talked about before here. I love this section of town. It's so fun. I had a couple meetings down there so Tasha and I hung out and then after my meetings I went into a couple shops on my own. So fun!

Here are some interesting things we found. I have no idea why people would want some of these things.

If the cold is getting to you, why not wrap yourself up in your very own JFK blanket. Nothing says warm like a gently used and very creepy JFK blanket.

Need something to fill up all those Hurricane Vases that are oh so in right now? Why not try doll heads.  Diversity is valued and we'll throw in the dog head in for an extra bonus on variety.

Nothing says vintage like a bust of Elvis. Get yours today while the supplies last.
 (Tasha made it into this pic haha)

These I found in a fun little boutique/Art Gallery. So fun.

This reminded me so much of Nacho Libre. There were three different Luchadors performing different moves so the bottle opener wasn't always in the same place. They were also hilarious.

 This card reminded me of that Bat Mitzvah/Religious party we had a couple years ago. Actually everything these days is reminding me of that party. I guess Milwaukee is more Jewish than I realized.

The inside said Happy Bat Mitzvah!

I also stumbled into a paper store. As a graphic designer, I wanted to buy anything and everything! So many beautiful cards, books, paper, and knick knacks. Loved it! 

top left-bottom right: 1. In the simplest of terms, Pantones are like paint chips for a designer. Helps us know we have the exact color no matter what machine we are using. This shelf was full of different items all with Pantones on them (mugs, notebooks, postcards, lunch boxes, etc) Awesome! 2. A funny card that is oh so true. 3. I have really wanted to created a watercolor postcard for so long! This a whole kit on how to do it (my attempts at it have been pitiful) 4. I thought this card was so cute! Thought about buying it and framing it.

Any cool places or things you've seen lately?


Anonymous said...

I wish you would have bought the Elvis bust! Ha! It could hold your necklaces.

Leighann said...

*love* what you found at the thrift stores! sounds like a definitely friendship in the making. and hello, Tasha, photobomb!