Friday, January 11, 2013

Adam the Artist

NOTE: I heard a rumor that Adam and I's wedding would be featured on Christy Tyler's blog (our photographer) today. I hope the rumor is true so check it out. I'll be checking it every hour hehe


Adam's artsy side, which no one knew he had, has come out in the last few weeks. This is what he has been working on. It's pretty legit. It's actually hanging on our wall as I type this.

He saw this idea at his buddy's house. The original painting had maybe 2 famous buildings and then just the rest of the skyline. Adam decided he wanted to put as many famous buildings in there as he could. They are roughly in the right order. I think he did a fantastic job. He now wants to paint more skylines or do some for his friends as gifts. It's fun to see this side of him ;)

Happy Weekend to you guys! Have any fun plans?


Anonymous said...

This is so cute! Fun Adam and way to go! Also, the wedding pictures are incredible! You were a gorgeous bride and she did the perfect job capturing your day.

Leighann said...

These are awesome!!! Very legit.