Friday, January 4, 2013


Adam and I have wanted to go to or through Madison for a while because the city itself is on a isthmus. Not many cities can claim that fact. We of course didn't see the below view but it was pretty cool just to turn a couple blocks away from the capitol building on either side and find water. Adam also likes they also get way more snow than Milwaukee.  We hope to go back during the day some time.

This is what we really saw hehe

Here are more pictures of Ella's Deli (the Jewish restaurant we stumbled into) from my phone.

 I just thought the description was funny.

 Our table that I described as Etch ASketch because I wasn't sure what to say it was haha

There were all kinds of different things hanging and going back and forth on tracks on the ceiling. Most were different movie, book or tv characters (Simpsons, Madagascar, Harry Potter, etc) but some were memorabilia or random objects like dancing feet with faces.

Adam's meal was absolutely huge! He of course loved it ;) 

All in an all, we had a lot of fun! and hope to go back soon ;)

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Leighann said...

i just added the word 'isthmus' to my vocabulary thanks to you. does it rhyme with Christmas, but with a lisp?