Monday, January 14, 2013

Caz Blaze

Last week, we had our first ever and maybe only Casual Blazer Night. It probably won't happen again for a while since everyone starts up classes this week and the schedules get crazy. We wore our blazes to a hip little spot called Allium and played cards with some friends. It was really chill and fun. The menu was super short and had really different things on it (Roasted duck pizza, Gabagool, Prosciutto-wrapped dates, etc). I got this artichoke pizza that had fancy cheese and olive oil on it. It was delicious! Adam had actually been to this place before and played the owner at ping pong in his apartment below the restaurant. It's just that kind of place. 

 Brian and Adam

 Brian, Justin (who used caz blaze very liberally to describe his wardrobe), and Adam

Mine was made of cotton. How much more caz blaze can one get? (other than Justin if we even want to count that, which I don't) 

 This picture is dark but this place is so chill, they don't even have real closing times.

hehe this was me using my flash...

The girls lost to the boys in Canasta but overall it was a really fun night ;)

This week is full of networking events, interviews with staffing agencies, and real interviews. I hope to hang out with the husband and continue to make friends

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